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  1. QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ Mar 9 2007, 10:14 PM) QUOTE (Riv @ Mar 9 2007, 04:53 PM) QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ Mar 10 2007, 12:46 AM) Thank you, Cyg GOB! Listening right now, in fact I'm looping it. It sounds amazing! WOO HOO! How are your morals holding up, jack? This isn't illegal, it's an official promo. So, uhh, bite me. Precisely. Frankly, if I was marketing this, what's going on now is exactly what I'd want. All our speculation and sharing of snippets of information, rumour & counter-rumour is building quite a buzz about the album. Thanks for sharing the clip Cygnus GOB.
  2. E...SL for me. Rush were at a real creative peak around that time. Great selection of songs, great playing (however much it may be doctored), live Jacob, some stuff from Glasgow and loads of great Rickenbacker tone! My only complaint? It's not a whole show. Then I like: ATWAS - pure raw energy. Different Stages - Good selection of songs and spirited performances, plus the superb Hammersmith Odeon tape (a real 'tight but loose' performance). A Show of Hands - Mostly enjoyable, but the concentration on songs written within two or three albums of the tour makes this album somewhat one dimensional. Rush in Rio - Awesome performance let down by abysmal sound quality. The excitement of the audience could still be conveyed without it sounding like a bad audience recorded bootleg. The DVD actually sounds better.
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