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    Time Machine tour, Front row, Boston!!! 2010
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    Bass guitar, vocals
  1. QUOTE (fledgehog @ May 4 2011, 08:42 PM) I'm amazed to see so many classic artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, etc being thrown onto "guilty pleasure" lists O_o Agreed, that stuff rules. All my guilty pleasure stuff is weird techno or foreign pop music.
  2. QUOTE (Good,bad,andrush @ May 3 2011, 09:59 PM) QUOTE (usb_connector @ May 3 2011, 09:31 PM) I have a few. For one I love listening to video game music and soundtracks (meaning music made for the game, not rights bought from other artists). Another would be that I have some lonely island songs, I really enjoy a few of those songs because they're such perfectly executed pop parodies where the humor doesn't prevent it from having replay value. Plus one for the video game music; some of it is on par with some of the regular music I listen to Video game soundtracks are awesome, especially the older ones. Megaman 2's soundtrack is so awesome, a band called The Megas covered all the music in the game.
  3. QUOTE (Unattractive Truth @ May 3 2011, 08:55 PM) If you have many guilty pleasures, they are not "guilty pleasures" anymore. They're just your real taste in music. Amongst my Rush and Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd, slightly hidden from view, you would find several discs of..... A Flock of Seagulls. I need help.... Yeah, I know. But you know what I mean. The kind of stuff that people just look at you and go "What?"
  4. Alright, so, what do you listen to thats so drastically different from your norm? This is one of my MANY guilty pleasure bits of "Music" It's called K-pop! Well?
  5. I honestly think they have at least one more tour in them after this one, but I really hope I'm wrong and they have more.
  6. Well, obviously the person that would be electrocuted it yourself. If you are put in that situation then thats the only logical option. So my answer is NO.
  7. QUOTE (tel @ May 3 2011, 05:07 AM) sorry but we rented your room out Thanks guy! Its great to be back! I got "boerd" (Ba dum TISH )
  8. Hey, remember me? I made the Boerdom Thread and the No Point Thread in Grand Designs. Yeah, After like a year I'm back on TRF, geez I actually missed this site! Whats up Guys?
  9. MMCXII I still like that one, but nice one tark!
  10. Foot upon the stair Shoulder to the wheel You can't tell yourself not to care You can't tell yourself how to feel whoooooooo, that took awhile for me to work out 80 T C P F B I T D A B S
  11. Who do you think you are? You think you are a star? Tryin' to run the town Always tryin' to put us down
  12. http://www.uberreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/05/btf3.JPG
  13. as of now, no new news on the facebook page exist. the page is still gone.
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