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Favorite LIVE Rush Album


What is your favorite RUSH LIVE Album?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite RUSH LIVE Album?

    • Exit Stage Left
    • Rush in Rio
    • All the Worlds a Stage
    • A Show of Hands
    • Different Stages

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Exit...Stage Left must be Rush worst live album, I dont understand how so many can vote for it! I mean, its good songs and they play them great, but they have made the album as a studio album, kinda destroys the feeling that a live album should give.


I have only listen on it a few times,


Rush In Rio got same mistakes as Clockwork Angels Tour, its a great show, its cool with the audience, but the mixing is to bad Im afraid!


Maybe its because I have bought it on iTunes, but dont think so, I will buy it soon on CD, then we see!


Different Stages is a awesome live album! Great sound quality, awesome songs! And they have been taking all the best songs for sure! My only complaint is that the audience is to high sounded, you hear them alot during the songs.


You must have the Japanese version so you get the song Force Ten!


A Show Of Hands, I havent listen on this so much, kinda new for me, just got it, but the times I have heard it, it sounds like a awesome 80,s show! And a nice setlist!


Oh what my thoughts have changed a lot since this.


These days I love Exit... Stage Left, I listen to it a lot on vinyl! Thou I still don´t listen to it on CD (or digital). It still don´t have the live feeling on CD. But it does on vinyl, can´t explain why, it just sounds great on vinyl!


I still think the same about Rush In Rio, it was not because I only had the itunes version, the CD also sound like shit. Also the DVD, thought they have fixed the video concert now. When they released it on the R40 Boxset, it sounds good now on bluray, and I don´t get a headache while watching it. Now I am just waiting for them to remaster/remix the CD! Because its a great concert, and they did a good job with the Bluray, so I know its possible!


I still think the same about Different Stages, that I did back then.


I have listened a bit more on A Show Of Hands now, and I still think its a nice 80s live album. But I keep forgetting it when Im gonna pick a Rush album to listen to, so it don't get a lot of play time, but when I do listen to it, I enjoy it!

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I had to go with Rush In Rio for this one. When I was deciding, the first choice I knocked out was A Show Of Hands, simply because it is almost all 80's Rush, and I am a much bigger fan of the 70's stuff. I knocked out Different Stages after that, just because for some reason I've never liked it much. Next I knocked out Exit Stage Left. I know, I know, that's surprising and all, seeing as it is one of their more popular live albums, but compared to the two that would be left after that, it doesn't stand a chance. That left me with All The World's a Stage and Rush In Rio. This was really close, and don't get me wrong, I LOVE ATWAS, but Rush In Rio came in first. I love Rush In Rio for many reasons. The setlist was excellent, covering a good bit of their music, the bass tone was bloody amazing, the crowd was great, and I love how you can hear them singing along in YYZ. Also, Alex Lifeson's monologue thing in La Villa Strangiato is absolutely hilarious. Rock On! \m/ (^_^) \m/
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