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Favorite LIVE Rush Album


What is your favorite RUSH LIVE Album?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite RUSH LIVE Album?

    • Exit Stage Left
    • Rush in Rio
    • All the Worlds a Stage
    • A Show of Hands
    • Different Stages

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Exit...Stage Left


I love Alex's sound thorughout, especially with the heavy flanging in TSoR, Freewill, Bangkok, and The Trees.


There is a stretch in there that would comprise sides 2 and 3 of the double album, that is utterly sublime!


Yeah, definitely my favorite live album from Rush. It as good as Yessongs was for Yes.

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QUOTE (Choose/the/light @ Mar 22 2008, 07:50 PM)
QUOTE (Choose/the/light @ Feb 22 2008, 06:28 PM)
have to go with Rush in Rio, its the most recent on the poll

I changed my mind- ESL is AWESOME!

Theyre both amazing!


This is like choosing your favorite song, its just too hard.

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All The World Is A Stage has the most live energy.

Exit Stage Left has the best song for song track listing.

A Show Of Hands has the most atmosphere.

Different Stages has it all.


(I never picked up Rio on CD, but the DVD rules)

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ASOH......the solo in Witch Hunt just sends shivers....the tightness on the album, (audio or video),.............. I absolutely love it!
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ASOH, for me. Though it's tough to decide between that one and Different Stages
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Tricky...it was always ESL, for it's track listing mainly but somehow the slow tempos and excessive flanging always bothered me a bit. Then I got DS and pow, I was a rabid convert all over again!



When I was at school, we used to laugh at the opening on ATWAS, imagining that the guy who said the introductory "Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please welcome home RUSH!" made the announcement on one of the onstage mics, so he had to run like hell to get off the stage because they start in so quickly! Ah, happy innocent days...

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All the worlds a stage, when they played anthem, they played anthem, and they demanded attention, it was my favorite by far 2.gif
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Rio... the crowd, the songs, the connection, the beauty of it all.... *sigh*



Other favourites:


I love R30, it was the first tour I went to a concert on...

Also love the mix in Different Stages and the raw-ness of ATWAS

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