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  1. That's how I picture reality in the heat of battle. There is no time for chit chat, no time to set up touching stories about their girlfriends back home or what they're going to do after the war it's just "how the hell do we survive this mess." One of my favorite war movies besides Dunkirk is "A Bridge to Far" and one of the most compelling scenes was James Caan trying to get his severely wounded captain through enemy lines and ultimately sticking a gun to the surgeons head to look at the captain. Very little dialogue, no set up story except James Caan briefly assuring the captain he will survive.
  2. Saw it today in 70mm. I for one enjoyed the lack of dialogue. Nolans direction just threw me into the fray and made me feel a part of it. The 70 mm brought me back to that feeling of epic movies of the past. It's rare when characters can show such emotion without saying a word. Mark Rylance is so believable and compelling without saying much at all. Tom Hardy along with perfect direction makes you feel like your flying with him. Easily an instant classic.
  3. Bad actor - When I watch a Tom Cruise movie I never see a character, I just see Tom Cruise acting like Tom Cruise.
  4. Passion of the Christ - Many Scenes were compelling, horrifying, astonishing and mind numbing yet I could never bring myself to watch it again for some of those same reasons.
  5. It's only the last scene when he is in his mother's arms and that angelic voice starts singing and he closes his tired eyes, gets me every time.
  6. Empire of the Sun - Watch it ever two years to make sure I still possess the ability to shed tears -
  7. When Denzel acts in a movie, I'm watching Denzel act, I enjoy it but it's always Denzel. Same with Hanks and Neeson. Their acting styles change very little from one film to another. However, when I watch DDL act in a movie I am witnessing an amazing character brought to life as he did with Daniel Plainview and Lincoln. He embodied Lincoln, no one comes close to his talent. The fact that he's only made a few movies doesn't change my mind a bit. I actually get tired of the big actors pumping out two movies a year.
  8. Better than all Marvel Movies (avengers,thor,ironman,Capt. Merica. Not better than Batman Begins thru Rises. On Par with Guardians of Galaxy
  9. I do believe his most under-rated film is Empire of the Sun. It's still the only movie that moves me to tears and that's frikin hard to do. How in the world Christian Bale was nominated for his performance is beyond comprehension.
  10. Post-Punk Punk Goth Shoe Gazer Classical Guitar Rush
  11. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3649368/Star-Trek-actor-Anton-Yelchin-dies-car-crash-age-27.html :o
  12. Ironically Rush is the only concert I attend alone, probably because they are the only Rock band I really like and no one else I know likes them. All the other concerts my wife goes with me, The Cure, Morrissey, Echo, Peter Murphy, Smashing Pumpkins etc.....
  13. The Cure - Hollywood Bowl Monday 5/23 3 Hour set - Robert Smith sounds as good as he did 30 years ago - :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j199/bauhaus92/cure_zps1hovkgpa.jpg
  14. The Cure - Hollywood Bowl May 23 - $550.00 for two bloody tickets. Robert better not suck -
  15. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j199/bauhaus92/gollum_zpsswm5f1j6.jpg
  16. Is that Robert Smith? It looks like some ungodly hybrid of Tiny Tim and Brian May. At this point in his life he just needs to shave his head, drop the lipstick and then at the least he'll look as dignified as Black Francishttp://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j199/bauhaus92/ThePixies-0334_zps5n7f693l.jpg
  17. Oh Bob, why'd you have to go and eat the rest of the band? i'm hoping he looks slightly better at the Hollywood bowl next month otherwise i'll just close my eyes and listen - :P
  18. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j199/bauhaus92/robert-smith-cure_zpsbbdqz6wc.jpg
  19. That's off the charts awesome! I had to come home and confess to my wife that for two hours I was in love with another woman. :P
  20. So this is out of the normal concerts. I attended my first solo classical concert last night. Renowned Irina Kulikova from Russia, classical guitarist. I have been to the symphony a few times where they highlight a violinist or Cellolist but never a solo performance. She was mesmerizing. Flawless. The unique feature of her performance was that she gave a small story behind the piece she was going to play and what it meant to her. Afterward she showed how down to earth she was by talking to us at the post performance reception.
  21. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j199/bauhaus92/CglmxAsXEAARNbo_zpsmtivfavw.jpg
  22. Such an superior entertainer and artist - He literally made me forget everyone else on that stage. His music certainly was a unifying force. Not too mention the numerous hits he wrote for other famous artists. :(
  23. Dvr all my Favorite shows, never watch live so I zip through them but I actually like commercials while I'm watching the NHL. You can't turn around for just a second or you may miss a goal so the occasional break for commercial gives me a breather but that just means I can go do something for 90 seconds I'm still not going to sit there and watch them, on the other hand I agree with Aikenrooster, the amount of commercials in a single NFL game is asinine.
  24. Kilo Two Bravo - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afghan Flick just released on netflix. It's frikin harrowing. Caught myself holding my breath many times. Almost to tense 100% on Rotten Tomatoes http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j199/bauhaus92/images_zpsism0j4js.jpg
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