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    Hollywood, Florida
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    Music, work, music, play, music, soccer, music...and so on and so forth....=) \m/

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    Cygnus-X1 Book II
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    The first time I heard Camera's Eye, when I was 13yrs old, and digging through my stepdad's old-school records. For some reason that cover always intrigues me. I put the record backwards by mistake (side2 first) and holy shit..!
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    Queen, Guns n Roses (80s-early 90s) Metallica, The Beatles
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  1. no way man, i'm heading to atlanta beacause the tampa show sold out...!!!
  2. i know i'm a little late but, who is hilda?
  3. it just turned 2014, i don't think this badboy'll stop....hehehe
  4. Roll the Buns! :syrinx:
  5. ...the forum of Rush band.
  6. Aw, why did it take me so long to see this? Hilarious!!! I paused Rush to watch that...and it was worth it yessss, yesss, YESSSSSS. lol! :dweez: :drool: :laughing yellow guy:
  7. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/1001001/i-like-turtles_zps992385df.jpg the turtle kid!!! lol, he was on Tosh.o!! hehee
  8. hehehe, well, u DO have that Gene Simmons gif....bloody, brilliant!
  9. nothing much, just here, surfing the internet - bored....listening to some good tunes...and of course: :smoke:
  10. Hilarious. Love the way the cat just stood there staring and then starts to invade the yard. this is one of the reasons i'm a dog guy....=P
  11. lol! :laughing yellow guy: :clap:
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