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  1. Last call for tomorrow nights R40 Experience. Set list will be posted later
  2. For anyone interested, Distant Signals will be playing this weekend in Pittsburgh, PA at The Hard Rock Café for their final show of 2015. This will be a full night of Rush music, in the R40 format (with a twist), and featuring at least 1 song from every studio album including 1 song never before played live by Rush. Tickets are $10 presale or $12 at the door. www.distantsignals.net/next-show.html
  3. Anyone interested in joining Distant Signals Rush tribute at this event entitled "The R40 Experience"?? Saturday Nov. 14th in Pittsburgh, PA https://www.facebook.com/events/1080201395326221/
  4. Rush never did Open Secrets live, so it'd be impossible to copy what Rush did for that song. I'd expect though that Ged would play bass the entire time and the synths would be played using the foot piano. It wasn't until the CA tour that Geddy himself used a sound similar to the old school oberheim synths he used on Subdivisions. For the longest time he used this horrid synth-brass section sound that did not work AT ALL. Agreed. I think I've found a very good set of patches for Open Secrets. Not sure how Rush would have pulled of Open Secrets live. Probably have the entire keyboard track on a sample and play to a click track. Kind of why I use so many keyboards playing live, so I have many options and different patches to use.
  5. This topic is RIGHT up my alley, as I play keys in a Rush tribute band (solely) and my favorite era is the "synth" era. Ok, so Ged may not be Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, or Tony Banks, but he accomplished what he wanted to musically for the songs with "heavier" keyboards. I've been playing piano/keyboards for over 30 years and while the music of Rush on keys is farily easy to replicate, the HARDEST PART is finding those unique sounds and samples from the studio albums. eg: Playing Subdivisions to ANY other patch that isn't closely related to the original recording just doesn't sound right. Ged has some flashes of creativity and brilliance on many Power Windows and Hold Your Fire songs. Currently, my tribute band just learned Open Secrets which is VERY heavy in the synth department. Not musically challenging, but again finding the right patches and sounds to MAKE it sound like Open Secrets from the studio album is the tricky part.
  6. 2 shows left for Distant Signals this year. 10/24/15 - Brunswick, OH at the 42Eighty Concert Club 11/14/15 - Pittsburgh, PA at The Hard Rock Café (featuring "The R40 Experience" with a song from every studio album and 1 song NEVER played live by Rush)
  7. Or near Western PA, check out Distant Signals :)
  8. Anyone care to see the setlist from last week?
  9. Here is a final teaser, about the "twist" of our R40 Experience event this weekend. Instead of starting with Clockwork Angels and stepping back in time, we are starting with the album RUSH and working our way forward to the present. Set list will be posted after the show
  10. We can try for NJ next year. Any suggestions?
  11. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/distantsignals to see updates about our show coming up.
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