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  1. If you folks want to meet before the show to have a couple beers and talk RUSH, I think that would be a great time!
  2. The band didn't fail to connect with me this tour, the setlists are awesome!!! Come on man! The Analog Kid? Middletown Dreams? Manhatten Project? Territories? F**kin' A!
  3. I was blessed by the RUSH gods for the Halifax show, and ended up scoring 3rd row floor seats in front of Alex during the musictoday presale. I would like to be on Geddys side, not because I don't dig the Lerxst but because my first experience with synthesizers was trying to emulate the filter sweep from Tom Sawyer. If someone wants to trade for (similar) quality seats, that would be awesome. I'll even take you out for beer beforehand. Thanks :D
  4. QUOTE (rushbabe @ Sep 9 2012, 11:20 PM) I combined my favorite songs from Set A and Set B. Here's what I came up with as a wishlist set. First Set Subdivisions The Big Money Force Ten Grand Designs The Body Electric Territories The Analog Kid Bravado Middletown Dreams Far Cry Second Set Caravan Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies The Wreckers Headlong Flight Halo Effect Seven Cities of Gold The Garden Manhattan Project Red Sector A YYZ Working Man Finale Spirit of the Radio 2112 Looks good to me. The Pass is a gorgeous tune though. Can't have everything I guess.
  5. QUOTE (SchemingDemon @ Sep 9 2012, 11:18 PM) My favorite part If I was RUSH, I wouldn't be playing Tom Sawyer if I was sick of it. Toss me some Jacobs Ladder or a Hemispheres (Prelude/Sphere) on top of it.
  6. First thing I noticed is RUSH sounds invigorated!!! The way that each member of RUSH is holding it down is just incredible. If you aren't a fan of the 80s period, listen to RUSH play these tunes NOW! Wow. I am speechless. Alex is playing so powerfully and gracefully during the Body Electric, the 'sterile' sound of this period doesn't exist anymore. RUSH is blowing me away. I was not expecting the POWER they are playing with on the 80s tracks. I know that the set is lacking in 70s juice, but guys, come on, listen to this boot. RUSH is rocking!!! Can't wait for Toronto!!!!
  7. Two tracks I would really like to hear from VT are 'Nocturne' and 'Vapor Trail'
  8. Personally.. i'm in love with these setlists. They could be improved/beefed up with a few changes (where are the epics?!?!, why WM?, Far Cry to close?, where is Losing It?, etc) but the truth is, the RUSH fans who adore the synth era (Signals - HYF) have got very little in the past 20 years and now, it is just, overwhelming. Just like RUSH should be. I am totally stoked.
  9. Oh my god man.... Night 'B' is PHENOMENAL!!! I am disappointed by the Dreamline omission because Power Windows is my favourite album and I have already seen Dreamline a couple times. I would kill to see Manhatten Project, but anyone who says "oh this tour sucks", needs to seriously reevaluate themselves because RUSH is completely and utterly on point with this set-list. Losing It is a real glaring omission but, this tour is absolutely incredible.
  10. I predict RUSH will play... 1. Subdivisions 2. The Analog Kid (!!!) 3. Losing It (!!!!) 4. Kid Gloves (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  11. Tickets this year cost double what they cost in 2004, and 75% more than 2007... B**tards!!!
  12. It is f***ing AMAZING being up close to the guys. I swear, that once you experience it up close, you won't be able to settle for anything less. I was spoiled by seeing them front row back in 2007, but it was one of the best experiences of my life, and if you can manage it, you NEED, I repeat NEED to see RUSH up close and personal. There is nothing like it. Especially when they are your absolute favourite band and you have Geddy grimacing his face (like hes taking a poop) when he hits a really low note on his old jazz bass literally a foot from your face.... Nothing like it.
  13. I am SO excited for this record to come out, I have a feeling we are in for something very special. The first three singles were great, and I would prefer for Rush to not try to "emulate" any specific period of their musical history, I want them to continually push their sound to the limit and give us music that is brilliant, modern and thought-provoking. I am extremely proud to be a Rush fan.
  14. The Analog Kid, but I would have chosen Losing It if I had a #2 choice
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