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    When I heard Geddy play the 3rd bass solo in YYZ at my first Rush show... I knew I had to play bass.
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  1. I'll sit if everyone else is, and I did at my last show in Nashville. It's totally fine if everyone is polite about it, we all still had a great time. But if several people around me are standing, I will too because that's what I want to do anyways. Like you said, I would have cooperated with the guy but he clearly was being an a**hole about it so I think you didn't the right and smart thing
  2. Wal by the end of the tour... Wal by the end of the tour... Wal by the end of the tour....
  3. Wondering if anyone has ever used earplugs at a show successfully. I've heard some say you can hear the music better and it cuts the crowd out a bit.. If so I'm interested. Going to this show by myself for a change and I want to hear as much of the music as I can. Any experience here?
  4. I believe he did that just so he could easily move with all the keyboards at the time. The Ric took up a lot of elbow room then. As for tone... uh yeah.. Could've been better
  5. The Wal is some of his best tone.. I'd love to see it back!! I highly doubt the Ric, only because I believe Ged has already said on past tours that it's way too heavy now (those things are pretty heavy) and he can get a tone he prefers more out of the Fender anyways. He did mention before the announcement that he had new basses he wanted to try, so I'm wondering if there will be some other brand we haven't seen him play before.
  6. I've only listened to the band and been a fan for about 9 years now, so it will suck to have to say goodbye to my favorite band when I'm now only 22. I'm so jealous of the people who have been able to follow them since the beginning.. That said I know that not only is Neil tired, but after all these years he has certainly earned the right to set his sticks down and be with his wife and daughter, and Alex just the same has earned spending the rest of his life with his grandchildren and the rest of his family. I feel like Geddy will keep going, with solo albums (I wouldn't complain if he released a follow up to "My Favorite Headache") or maybe just start a new group to record every so often. I've always wondered what it would be like to hear Geddy just play bass and not be the singer.. Bur whatever the case is, if this is indeed the end, I would rather they go out on top than be forced to call it quits for another reason. Whatever happens, I'm content.
  7. Can you just imagine them playing Closer to the Heart and seeing Neil spin around and actually play the bells? That would be so awesome..
  8. I was one of those lucky ones. Saw them on Atlanta and Nashville so I believe I got to hear all the songs they toured with!
  9. On the last tour there were something like 3 - 3 and a halfish setlists rotated through the tour. Being that this is a shorter tour does anyone think they'll bring back that concept this tour? They seemed to enjoy it and it made each show a bit more personal and exciting.
  10. They're playing 2 nights in Toronto so that's my bet. (Atlanta would be cool though... We always sell it out and always go crazy at Rush shows..)
  11. There are very few bands that I would like to see open for them (or that deserve to do so). And if they do they should be a warm up band that's onstage an hour before the time on the ticket. They only get 2 songs too.
  12. In The End would be fantastic in that spot! Now I'm all excited for that one
  13. I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of that is relegated to a new overture since I'm sure Geddy still isn't able to hit a lot of those high notes without some serious down-tuning. I would guess (mildly off topic...ish) that with one of the major bonuses of the R40 set being the 1997 show, there might be a focus on 90's music that never got much play after the T4E tour. Just my guess. (Personally hoping for Limbo) I am hoping for some 70's surprises though. The Necromancer would be AWESOME but... Hahaha, yeah right. By-Tor maybe?
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