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  1. Saw them last week in Anaheim, I know they don't get a lot of respect from "real" rock fans, but Dave Gahan is as good any frontman in "traditional" rock. Engaging, charismatic, still has the voice, and works a crowd as well as anyone. The band for some time now play with a traditional drums//guitar setup as well as the 2 keyboard players (the 2nd sometimes playing bass) and that place was as loud and rocking as much as it was for Rush or any other "rock" band I've seen in the same venue. Any other love for them in here ?
  2. I don't mind the new remasters of the studio albums, but really what was the point of this one ?? Jimmy doesn't have QUITE enough money ?
  3. Have to say the new Michael Schenker album is the best thing I've heard so far this year. All 4 MSG singers are featured on it, and the live show promoting the album was amazing. Saw it last week in Anaheim. All 4 singers had a "mini-set" of their MSG stuff, and then all participated in a UFO mini-set. 30 songs, 2 hours and 45 minutes, and just when you thought Rock Bottom couldn't be any more epic, Michael pulled out all the stops. Michael was a bit chatty also, my favorite comment of his (and you know about the very bad blood between him and Rudolf), was when he introduced the instrumental Coast to Coast. "Here's a song I wrote for the Scorpions and gave as a gift to my brother Rudolf", even Germans get sarcasm.
  4. I've been playing the Vinyl remaster and it sounds great
  5. Don't know why, but I've been really playing the crap out of GUP recently, just sounds so fresh and interesting. And the lyrics.... I've decided I want afterimage played at my funeral, and poor unit one with his clenching plastic fist ! Great album. Just sayin'
  6. It’s never too late I've been married for 25 years, happily, or so I thought. Recently I met a Rush-loving lady (let’s call her “K”) 15 years my younger (I'm 55) and we connected in a manner like I have NEVER connected before with anyone. It was amazing, it was like one of those stupid Tom Hanks movies about completing each others' sentences, after 2 dates I was completely smitten and she was too. She knew the risks of getting involved with a married man and I knew the risks of cheating on my wife of 25 years and best friend of 27 years. Of course, not being used to this, I got caught pretty quickly, was kicked out of the house. I wont get into detail but K had been put through the wringer by ex-husband and had become hardened to opening up about trusting men and exposing her true feelings, as she left my hotel room I hit my "Fear Pt IV" moment for the first time when I found out my kids were coming in from out of town and were threatening to disown me ("kids" being 28 and 24) so I flew. just as she was telling me she loved me I flew. So of course being as smitten as I was I couldn't not contact K, and of course was busted again. She took me back into her life, and again I flew when it came to crunch time, this time my wife was the one pursuing me, wanting me to come back. Being the glutton that I am I couldn't stay away, I couldn't not be in contact, and this time I thought I was leaving for good. Back I went, into her life, into her home, met her children, she opened up her life to me. By this time Divorce proceedings had started, Lawyers retained, children had disowned me. I went home to collect some stuff, and a note was left for me leaving the door open a crack to return. I read the note, collected my stuff, saw all the family photographs, my dogs, my home, and being the weak person I am decided to give it one last chance. I left her again. I’m now back with my wife, Divorce is on hold but not cancelled yet. I have my home, my kids are coming back, I have my easy life, my dogs, everything is “normal”, well not quite. I’m under intense scrutiny at all times, every spare moment is taken up with “talking”, and frankly my thoughts are still primarily dominated by K. From a financial standpoint, from an “ease of life” standpoint, from every standpoint of “common sense” I should be with my wife. I’ve done the right thing. So why am I still in contact with K ? Why are the brightest spots in my days the ones I spend secretly talking to her ? I don’t know how this will end, I’ve chosen “mending” over “Ending”, time will tell if it’s the right call. So, in keeping with the thread, “It’s never too late” (age wise) to find one’s soulmate. And some here might say “It’s never too late” to do the right thing and follow your heart. One of my favorite movie lines:
  7. Huge U2 fan here. This is typical Post 200s bland rubbish. Last great U2 album was Pop. Ironically their most 'Rock" album. But that was the point...
  8. Setting the bar at 5 with PG and IV, III is a 4
  9. Recently rediscovering some old gems. What other one-and-dones do you guys recommend ?
  10. The Unforgettable Fire had 2 higher highs with A Sort of Homecoming and Bad, but TJT is a classic, one of my all time faves.
  11. Option 3. Knitting needle in my eardrum.
  12. Dio Sabbath crushes Ozzy Sabbath. H&H crushes Blizzard.
  13. How was what Rush did with the Time Machine tour any different than what U2 is doing on this tour ?
  14. Seven years ?!?! I remember like it was yesterday. Saw him on the Sabbath Heaven and Hell tour back in the 80s, then on his own band's first UK tour. Both at the Glasgow Apollo. For some reason our paths didn't cross again until the first Heaven and Hell tour at the LA Forum. Great show. One of the all time greats. Viv Campbell would be nothing without him, and Last In Line is just an example of the scumbaggery that goes on on the backs of the greats.
  15. Not sure you will "see" them. They don't turn that big beautiful HD screen on until about 1/3 of the way into the show.
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