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  1. It's been blocked on YouTube. Is there anywhere else we can watch it?
  2. So, today is one year since the last Rush concert. How does everyone feel? What does everyone think is gonna happen next, if anything at all? Let's just reflect on the greatest band of all.
  3. Resist - Rush in Rio. Absolutely love that song. It makes me cry if I listen to it right
  4. And there's also Earthshine in the Vapor Trails bit
  5. I thought I heard Show Dknt Tell in there somewhere, but it very easily could be I'm confusing it with Roll the Bones, I do this often
  6. For my taste, Dream Theater. Disagree at your leisure
  7. I think they'll only ever release one album in my time of being a fan. I got into them after the Caravan/BU2B single came out, but before Clockwork Angels was released. I'll never see em live thanks to costs and travel, but as previously said, thanks god for CDs. I own everything I could afford and find, and that's enough for me. Would love em to have done a show or two in Australia within my lifetime...
  8. I kid of course, none of us would enjoy that as much as we are this tour. Hope they extend it, but they aren't going to come to Australia anyway, so it wouldn't really matter much
  9. I'd love for Rush to do a second leg featuring some less tapped markets. Like here in Australia or over in Asia. Surely, there's regions of America and Europe they are yet to tap but should. I want to see this Setlist, especially B or C with the special song. No idea who would be with them on said song (hope I didn't give much away), anywhere that's not in America (except maybe Johnny Dinklage). But I mean, come on, why should we miss out on Rush forever when both Americas and Europe have had such awesome experiences. Please, God, let Rush come to Australia and Asia so thst we can have this experience. I'm not trying to come off as an over-entitled young guy here, but really, I want to see Rush, and I have nowhere near enough money to travel. To just have em here with any SETLIST, even if they played Tai Shan and The Speed of Love six times each and that was it, I wouldn't mind. Just to have seen Rush... :(
  10. Well, that sucks. They're never coming to my hometown,,I can't afford to travel, and then I hear that the audiences are dead? Unacceptable, I'd be going .close to overdrive for all 3 hours they are playing, and still nuts for at least the next 24 hours after. Welcome to the forum, Lemonycake. Sorry to hear that the concert had some downs for you.
  11. Up to them, I guess, it is as it should be to their ears. But, I would like to hear a less cluttered mix of both CAs (studios and live) to enhance the strings that little bit more. I hear they are there, but I hear not what they do
  12. Would have loved a bit more of the Portnoy and Hammett interviews, but that's just me
  13. Because if you look at the setlists, and how they were playing the songs at the time, there was a lot more he needed. In this day and age, he's opting to play bass as much as he can and less synth, so he needs less. This, as well as the previous Analog/MIDI poiint raised before, wood probably steer you close to the answer
  14. There's a few of us younger ones out there Dennisa2112. Pockets of us. But, I'm only 17 now, I think I met another couple if younger guys here the other night (16). Don't worry, we're not all One Direction and Juston Beiber fans yet.
  15. Hey mate. I'm a high schooler too. I've got a few hooked through different songs. If they're into a pop sort of thing, show them something like The Pass, Closer to the Heart or Limelight. As mentioned before, Metalheads will go better with some S&A or CA. I've also found that some people gravitate more towards stuff like Rivendell and Tears more. Even got a fellow guitarist interested through Hope. For a drummer, apart from the obvious LVS or YYZ, show them Natural Science, and even Hemispheres. Again, all is subjective to who you're trying to get on your side. If you're a musician yourself, and others like your style, go ahead and do a cover to draw them in. Got a few of my mates interested through my covers of Shbdivisons and Closer to the heart, but even more so off of this one, a cover that I always play, of Bravado: Hope this helps -WavesandWindows
  16. Can someone link me to this 'comic strip movie'? Don't believe I've ever seen it
  17. hey, I don't know if it's just me, but it feels like Discovery and Lessons have a very aimilar riff. The main verse for Lessons feels like the riff starting at 8:15 in the 2112 Suite. Is this just me, or have other people noticed this too. Feels like they were writing Lessons and couldn't think of a bit to use for the verse, and feeling that the riff in Discovery was great but didn't last long enough, they put it into Lessons. Again, just speculation, but does anyone else know any stories on this one?
  18. I thought it was because that's where they really got their start, with Working Man being played on Cleveland radios?
  19. I don't know the answer. All I know is that, since I count it as both, I was able to talk about it in class for the music of the 80s
  20. Rush plays in Australia, Asia and some other places that they haven't been where there's a market for them (Dirk, Lerxst, Pratt, get your things together and come visit me before you all it quits forever)
  21. I'd take Daniel Catullo with Botrill, Vandette , and Allan Weinrib please.
  22. Guitar Hero. Originally heard YYZ in Guitar Hero II, but never really gave it much thought. When the last one came out, I got heavily into the 2112 chapter, and I remember falling in love with it. Got the Moving Pictures DLC of To, Sawyer, Red Barchetta and Limelight and just,loved it. I was in my local CD Shop and saw the Time Machine album with two parts of 2112 and the four other songs I knew at the time. I remember listening to it in the car and instantly loving Spirit of Radio and BU2B. Then the love truly began. Downloaded everything (as Time Machine was all they had after I'd bought Clockwork Angels) and then found Sector 2 boxset which I bought instantly. After enduring eye surgery for the first time, my Grandparents gave me Sectors 1 and 3. Thats all I ever found until they brought out The Studio Albums 1989-2007. I've also bought a lot of the Live stuff online, but need to buy the CD of Snakes and anything from Rush in Rio. Also got the Replay X3 stuff for my birthday last year. I,know the question was how did you discover Rush, but that's pretty much my history with them.
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