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    San Antonio tx
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    Guitar playing

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    R40 tour Austin tx
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    Working man
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    Moving Pictures
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    The time machine tour in san Antonio tx they played all of moving pictures and most of my favorite songs and they this reggae version of working man that was f***ing amazing and it just a hell of a show
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  1. Time machine live in Cleveland 2011 my favorite tour so far
  2. Presto and test for echo, AND COUNTERPARTS
  3. Alright im a 14 year old kid and im pretty sure in the only person whos even heard of rush at my school, i wanna get my friends into rush but they just dont seem to like them, what songs should i play for them or how do i get them to listen to rush ???
  4. I know this is a old topic but im hearing lots of different stuff and i need to know
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