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    Cut to the Chase
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    Grace Under Pressure
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    Getting to see them live.
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  1. Gee, I wonder why neither of those made the final set. ;)
  2. What are some songs, that we know of, that were rehearsed for the last few tours but never made the final setlist?
  3. I imagine he'd use the Zemaitis bass that he used for Distant Early Warning and Losing It.
  4. As we all know Geddy recently said he'd like to do another solo album. He's also talked about how he likes to tour and wants to do more touring. So with both of those facts in mind, lets guess what songs (Rush songs anyway) he'd perform in a solo tour, and on top of that which basses do you think he'd use on each song?
  5. I was a bit sad, but after all the years he spent drumming (and doing it the way he did) and all the pain he's endured, I'm kind of happy for him. He deserves it and I wish him the best.
  6. I'm thinking this is probably right.
  7. I don't hear anything from Presto, but there's a bit of One Little Victory and Earthshine. Around the 50 second mark there's a song that I think might be from Presto.
  8. Whenever I watch the intro video for the R40 shows, I can't seem to figure out what songs they're using from Presto and Vapor Trails. Does anyone know?
  9. This interview made me hopeful about Geddy doing another solo album. And considering the fact that he loves touring, he could do a solo tour for it. Maybe then I could finally hear Cut to the Chase live.
  10. The main concert is all from the second night - the bonus tracks are all that came from the first night. Clockwork Angels was performed the first night but wasn't included on the DVD bonus tracks. Does anyone know why?
  11. Sounds in tune. So I guess it is from the second night. Good.
  12. For those who have this, which show is Headlong Flight from? The first night when Geddy's bass was out of tune or the second night when it was fine?
  13. Between the Wheels, How It Is, Natural Science, and the second set (particularly the B night set).
  14. I'm going to predict next spring.
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