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  1. Found this on the web tonight . Super cool . Alex and Geddy together again. At the South Park 25th anniversary concert , Red Rocks !!!!!
  2. Are these the stems from ESL?
  3. patjnev


    I would say I like CA better then Roll the Bones , Presto , Hold Your Fire , Feedback, Vapor Trails , Snakes and Arrows, Caress of Steel . But not more then the early 80s releases and the epics from the 70s .
  4. John Butcher Axis OMG I remember now . Yes not too impressed with that set . Also I was not too happy with cringing through Candlebox too . Maybe I was judging them too harshly since I just wanted to see my favorite band.
  5. I swear I heard about five seconds of Subdivisions during tonight's game ( 11-30-21 ) at approx 8pm PST. The Organist broke out some :rush: for all of us to hear. I think I'm losing it ( pun intended ) I just hear a few bars of Fly By Night also :eh:
  6. Maybe someone had a EMU Emulator laying around the studio?
  7. Awesome covers ! I wish I played this well :scared: . If you have any more please post I would love to hear them .
  8. Was listening to my Sears knock off Walkman while at school and my friend Louis ( thanks man ! ) asked me if I ever heard of RUSH. I said no and he gave me his Moving Pictures Cassette. As I walked home from school I was instantly hooked. I wanted to know all about this band . I even opened the case and read the liner notes. Alex Lifeson Guitar , Geddy Lee Bass ( Geddy????) and Neil Peart Percussion. I went from listening exclusively to Jazz artist like Maynard Ferguson ( I was in school band ) to being a certified RUSH fan. This was about 1982 and I think right before Signals was released. I immediately went to Hot Records and Tapes and bought used copies of all the RUSH I could find . And man was my mind blown. That Synthesizer solo in Circumstances man ....wow ! And Permanent Waves ... I didn't stand a chance.
  9. Caress of steel Hold your fire Snakes and arrows
  10. Super cool just seen it here. :D-13:
  11. No words just sadness. He made a big impact on my life with his lyrics and musicianship.
  12. If I had to pick just one . Snakes and Arrows. but there are at least three I can think of right now.
  13. When RUSH raps " You down with OPP" they mean the Ontario Provincial Police. I remember lamenting to my friend at the time I first heard the song "Now even RUSH is rapping" while
  14. https://shop.taylorhawkins.com/collections/chevy-metal/products/rush-logo-tee-burgundy?variant=13707685363810 Found it ! I'm not sure how I feel about this. I am kind of conflicted. I know they are huge fans but something is just not right about it to me.
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