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  1. Where are these signed copies of the catalog mentioned? I looked around and all I see mentioned / for sale are the normal (presumably unsigned) copies.
  2. They are about to reissue a modern version of the Oberheim synth Geddy played on 'The Camera Eye' .. so I am once again listening to it isolated. What a fantastic synth track, let alone the complete recording with the rest of the bass/drums/guitar/vocals
  3. Interesting, I didn't even realize there was a 6-string acoustic on 'Closer to the Heart'. The 12-string is the one I'm curious about - that's not in the auction right?
  4. I'm not a guitar player, but I am curious where the studio 'Closer to the Heart' 12-string acoustic guitar is now. And the guitar synth he used on Hemispheres (I'm guessing he dumped that one a long time ago, since it sounds like it was not so great to use).
  5. Hugh Syme did a gallery showing here and was signing items and chatting. He was awesome and talked forever about anything you wanted to ask him about! One of the best events I've been to in a long time.
  6. I couldn't find a link showing if the Jose Ramirez classical guitar sold (and if so for how much). Anyone know? That one was the most intriguing to me since it said he used it in the studio for 'La Villa' and 'The Trees' (and in some of the music videos back then). I'm not a guitar player either, but the thought of being in the same room with that guitar kind of blows my mind. PS - I wonder which guitar he recorded 'Closer to the Heart' on? From the descriptions, it doesn't sound like it's any of these. I wonder if he still has that guitar synth from 'Hemispheres' too.
  7. It's interesting to me to hear Geddy talk about how high it all was to sing. I haven't checked the actual notes, but off the top of my head it doesn't seem too terribly much higher than some of the stuff on AFTK or 2112. But I'm guessing it's more of a vocal burnout thing since he had been doing it for years by that point. On a side note, I still can't even imagine what it's like to be able to sing that high in the first place. Especially with all the power he had like on Temples of Syrinx. It dumbfounds me that people can even do that (and make it seem pretty easy too).
  8. I've been reading through Art of Rush lately and just got through Power Windows. Has anyone ever seen a photo of the actual room/window used for the original cover shoot (before Hugh Syme turned it into a painting)? I saw an interview with Neill Cunningham (boy on the cover) and he said it was taken at a house in Cabbagetown. Obviously don't want to stalk anyone's property to find it or anything .. just curious if it's ever turned up in photos (or if it's location is even known)
  9. Back to Hemispheres today. Even though this album is short track-wise, there is something just magical about what is there. The playing is top notch, the song writing still has those great fantasy and mythological roots, and I love the mix of electric / acoustic / synthetic instruments (this is also my favorite part of AFTK - just the right balance of instruments with new synth sounds).
  10. Indeed - at least Subdivisions and Fly By Night were played. Any others? For some reason I'm not so great at recognizing songs in situations like that, even if they are ones I've heard a million times (I think my wife recognized Subdivisions before I did)
  11. Yep - as much as I love Xanadu on ESL, the timing sort of comes and goes there too (almost to the point of being distracting)
  12. I can't keep up with all these anniversaries! Hemispheres is awesome - the playing seems like it really hit perfection on this album, and the recording and tone of the instruments was top notch. I love that Geddy brought in his new Oberheim 8-voice synth, although he really used it pretty sparingly. His bass tone on this album knocks my socks off. AFTK and Hemispheres were really a magical duo ..
  13. Hurrah! Giving it a listen again now. I like the other live albums, but this one takes the cake for me since it captures them at the peak of my favorite era. Soon the double neck guitars and Oberheim synths and Taurus pedals would start fading away into newer tech and gear. Sure would be nice to get a Blu-ray release of the video sometime ..
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