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Albums You've Listened To Today, V.9

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19 hours ago, Union 5-3992 said:

American Football - American Football (1999)

This album is a 34/10

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On 5/12/2023 at 1:29 PM, Union 5-3992 said:

It's like Rush playing "How It Is" on their last tour. What an effective way to kill the energy in the room.

Yet I LOVE that song!

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19 hours ago, Entre_Perpetuo said:

Love - Forever Changes

Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons

The Who - Who’s Next

The Kinks - Arthur

I think that "Arthur" is just as great as any Beatles album.

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On 5/10/2023 at 7:24 PM, ST3V said:

i assume you mean to guess if i liked the album?


honestly a little disappointed, Temples first 2 albums were Psych rock heaven, with magic chord progressions that could mesmerize you and made you love it. Now most of it is more predictable and towards the poppy side. I still think its good but nowhere near their past work.


But yes, quite incredible art (see post below)


i meant guess the name of the album and band.

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Posted (edited)

This album rocks






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Schandmaul - Wahre Helden


This is another German Medieval folk Metal band thats been on my list to check out and finally got the time to do so.  Decent album, will check out more of their stuff.


I also watched their show at Wacken in 2018 on youtube (they have also played Wacken in 2012 & 2014 - I may check those out at some point).  The Wacken show was enjoyable - not great but decent.  They seem to be a 6 piece band.  One electric guitar, 1 bass, 1 drummer (all guys), a guy who is the lead singer & who plays an acoustic guitar.  Plus 2 gals.  One plays a fiddle & once in a while the Hurdy Gurdy, the other plays some sort of flute / penny whistles but occasionally the bagpipes or a medieval trumpet.  They did a decent job working the crowd.  The lol moment of their show was when the 2 gals in the band and the guy who is the lead vocalist locked arms and started to do the can-can together.  They then encouraged the crowed to lock arms together and do the can-can with them.  The crowed complied and did it - imagine 85K metal fans doing the can-can together?  Yes, defiantly an LOL moment.   

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1 hour ago, Rick N. Backer said:

But it isnt.

A strong case can be made for it.

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