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  1. I'll own up... I just now realized this thread is meant to be songs that we've played on guitar/bass/etc. hence the word "jams", also hence the specific forum that it's in haha although in my defense people often say "this is my jam" to a song they like, so really could go either way.
  2. I'd consider this a hidden album. A recent favorite of mine
  3. If I'm being completely honest with you, its currently my least favorite of the 4 I've heard, so I definitely understand that. Eh maybe i'll have a Close To The Edge moment with it sooner or later, definitely a grower for me even though its already very good
  4. i think i was too tired for it im tired a lot i really shouldnt listen to new albums like that so late in the evening lol i gotta hear it again
  5. SOTSOG is when they introduced organ which works very well with the overall more mellow style of the album, at least compared to the first 3. But I mean, I can see their all last 4 albums switching places at some points, its just all good music, not one too standout over the rest.
  6. Oasis 1. (Whats The Story) Morning Glory [Don't Look Back In Anger] 2. Definitely Maybe [Supersonic] 3. Be Here Now [Stand By Me] 4. Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants [Gas Panic!] 5. Dig Out Your Soul [The Shock Of The Lightning] 6. Heathen Chemistry [The Hindu Times] 7. Don't Believe The Truth [Let There Be Love] I went through half of Be Here Now when wondering what my favorite song was before just sticking to ol reliable in Stand By Me. Love the album too much, not one track is a specific standout above the rest.
  7. GPS - Window To The Soul Asia - Heaven King Crimson - Larks Tongues In Aspic I & II
  8. one of their best. Talk is by far, in my opinion, their most underrated album
  9. That was my first instinct but I went with the debut. I had doubted my choice and as I'm typing this I'm beginning to doubt it again but I'll stick with my gut
  10. I'm not one who normally prefers instrumentals over regular songs but holy christ
  11. cant believe how witnessing demons take on human form is the cool and hip thing now across the tubes lol. the spirits of the late 17th century salem massachusetts residents all simultaneously shaking their heads in disbelief.
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