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Neil Peart Has Passed Away


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Haven't posted on here for a few years now.


Absolutely devastating news -- still doesn't feel real to me.


I'm also a drummer, and Neil is not only my favorite drummer, but the biggest influence in my playing by far.


No other words to say really - Rush has been such a huge part of my life. What a sad, sad day.

Thank you Neil for all of the inspiration and countless hours I've spent (and will continue to spend) listening to you.

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Oddly enough, about a month ago the thought of "what will it be like when someone from Rush dies" just randomly popped into my head. I remember just kind of sluffing it off but thinking "that will be a terrible day". I had no idea it would happen so soon.



Same but, just this last week. Not sure what day now.

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So much for the Boring Twenties...tons of Rush on the radio while driving tonight. I guess this is our new reality. It's so painful...again, much love to his family; can't imagine their hurt in comparison, what a fantastic human being they lost.
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Is this where I can come to put my feelings out there?


I’m hurting man. I mean really really hurting. It feels strange to feel so mournful and be in so much pain over the death of someone I never met. I’m in Southern California and listening to KLOS - they are playing nothing but Rush until midnight. God Bless them.


Im not a big poster here anymore but I’m sure glad you’re all still here because only you guys get what I’m going through. I don’t have rush fans around me right now and I need to mourn this thing. I realize now that I didn’t have an appreciation for Neil not only as a musician but as a human being with strong character, strong morals, and great work ethic and I feel guilty for it right now. He is a legend in every sense of the word. One of these guys comes around once in a lifetime.


I love these guys so much and I realize now I love them for their character as much as their musicianship and Neil showed that character day in and day out.


it seems so unfair that he retired to get a 2nd chance at being a dad and raising a daughter and he was stricken with brain cancer almost immediately. It makes me angry. He deserved so much better. He earned it with his incredible work ethic and uncompromising musicianship, he deserved that chance to be a daddy.


I will miss Neil so much but feel so incredibly lucky to have discovered his lyrics and music at a time in my life when I was so alone and so lost and confused, and they played such a huge part in getting me through tough times. And what I love about you guys is that so many of you have a similar story. Thanks for being here...




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I turned on the radio on my way home from work... my heart kind of clenched for a bit.


I feel like shit. I got home after picking up a few things at the store without trying to cry. Ferfuksake the DJ on the radio sounded like hell and every third song was Rush. I get home and my wife just looks at me. I start crying for real "Your heard." Yeah.


Who knew? He gave all he could and retired in 2015. That was it. Not joking. Geddy and Alex have to feel like absolute hell. I feel for them and their families. I feel for Peart's family. Neil must have sworn them to secrecy. Can't blame him. Thank you Neil for your contribution to music and humanity.

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Heard the news not long after it was reported but too stunned to post anything at first. Now with all the tributes on the radio it is starting to really sink in. Like many people I have wondered how the day would go when the first member of the band passed away. I have had a good cry for a person I have never met but has had a huge influence on my life. It grieves me to know what he has probably gone through for the past three years. It was always talked about how Neil didn’t like to do interviews but the interviews that he did were always so passionate and open. If a measure of a life is a measure of love and respect then Neil has had an incredible life.



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I'm going to put my tribute right here, as it looks like the earliest, and the most populated thread on Neil's passing. Thanks to Rush Didact, and so many others, who made such eloquent statements.


There are a lot of contradictions and irony in any honest assessment of his art. I'd be lying if I said his passing didn't affect me much, yet at the same time, I didn't know the guy, and part of me says it's a case of his death diminishing me, merely "because I am involved in mankind".


But it's more than that. His ability to articulate feelings, thoughts and situations was a gift to all of us, one that only increased over the years, as we all went through the stages of life, and the subject matters changed from serious sci-fi (2112) to silly sci-fi (By-tor, anyone?) to relationships, loss, perseverance, all the adult stuff, you know?


Then, on Clockwork Angels, back to a sort of steampunk sci-fi. Well, there's that contradiction again, or is it irony? Someone ask Alannis Morissette. (I'm in a groove now, or is it a rut?)


How many of his lyrics instantly pop into our heads, at this occasion?


"Suddenly, you were gone."

"I felt a shadow cross my heart."

"Freeze this moment a little bit longer."

"Time will do it's healing. You've got to let it go."

"The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect."


How many of his lyrics inspire us, at difficult moments? How many make us chuckle, at his gift for wordplay (and I don't mean the goofy "Anagram (For Mongo)".) How many make us think of things in a different way?


You don't need me to quote them. This is a Rush fan site, for gosh sake, and it's getting late.


Neil's life inspired us because of his lyrical gifts, which I see as his greatest talent. He also inspired with his dedication to unwavering, uncompromising musical excellence. He would never accept any lowered standards from himself, ever. This is why many of us knew he'd never return to playing drums for Rush, because, even not knowing of his illness, we knew he'd never be able to regain the level of performance he demanded of himself. He always struck one as being his own harshest critic. It can't have been easy to live with himself, but look at the results. Widely considered the finest drummer in rock history, moving quickly to "unanimously" or as unanimous as such a thing can be. He has even supplanted Mooney in my personal rankings.


Maybe the biggest irony in my personal experience of his gifts is his affect on my feelings about "rock", and music itself. (No, not music, just rock.) I am loath to say I ever idolized any rock stars when I was a lad, but I certainly wanted to be Pete Townshend for a few years. His brains, his articulate philosophizing, the way he windmilled the shit out of a Les Paul before really showing it WHO's the boss, seemed pretty damn cool. And he was so G-Damned skinny!


But one matures beyond such things, and Neil's profound ponderings over the years, made one realize there's nothing mythical about rock. These are just people, struggling with the same things all of us face. Amongst all the tributes, and sentimentalities, it's an odd thing to say that a "rock star" made me less enamored of rock, as an art form, and as a sort of cultural.... not using the "r" word.


But it's true.


Rest in peace, stranger, and thanks for all the fish.

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It’s just so incredibly sad. And all everyone has been doing for the past few years is clamoring for them to get back together and he’s been there with f***ing brain cancer. I wonder if he ever just wanted to stand up and scream “I’m dying and no we are not getting back together.” Of course that’s something he would never do. And Geddy and Alex had to live with it all this time as well, which is also heartbreaking to think about.


so I’m not only sad for all of us, I’m sad for everyone in his actual real life world that went through this with him.

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I can't believe it. I simply cannot.


Rush were the artists that pushed me deeper into music and truly made me appreciate it as an art. So many musical avenues were opened by Rush and Neil pioneered much of it. This is like losing... I don't know how describe it. A revered family member? A long lost pen pal? A goddamned personal hero? I don't know... this is awful. I can't even imagine what Geddy and Alex went through keeping his illness hidden for almost four years while being pestered by fans over whether Rush will ever record or perform again.


All we can do is adhere to what Neil would like us to do and not vaunt him as some unparalleled god. Love his music. Cherish it. But at the end of the day he was a man, albeit a brilliant one.


Rest in the deepest of peace, Professor.

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My eyes are dried with salt and then the "Tears" fall again. I have cried all day and night. I know "I can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend" yet we all live in the "Limelight."

We will all pass away one day but this one really hurts me deep.

I know over the many moons I have been an unfiltered and over the top forum member, but it was really all about RUSH and my passion for this band since I was in the seventh grade.

Regardless of igniting strangers on here with my daunting daggers in text and such. No matter what anyone will ever think of me on this Forum or on the Earth. Neil was "IT" for me.

Many of you have always asked for my "ban" over the years, yet 73 must have seen the goodness in me. You can't be loved by everyone on the planet, and you certainly can't be hated by everyone too. It's life.

I have made way more friends on this Forum than enemies. Probably why I am still around. 73 knows "The Real Me." Anyway, my father and Neil have been my mentors. The two guys I look up to and love beyond beyond.

I am sooooo sad today, yet I know that I am also so lucky and blessed. My 82 year young father is still alive and very healthy. My 79 year old mom is still alive and doing well too.

My phone blew up today. Over one hundred texts from friends and people around the world were worried about me today. Ex-girlfriends, even my ex wife who I took to over 25 Rush shows over 20 years was so sweet to me.

I always thought to myself after I saw the last RUSH show ever that how will I ever deal with Neil's death some year. I figured I had lots of time to figure it out. I had no clue. But even thought I was an atheist in the past I became more about the Universe and

Spirituality. "Spirit Of Radio" comes to mind. So I think it's time to share something with all and it's really no big deal now, but I have to get this off my chest and tell you all.

Back on November 2nd 2019 I met someone who knew the Peart family very well. He told me that Neil was suffering from a brain tumor and that Geddy and Alex flew out to see him at his Santa Monica home.

I had no idea about this and I thought it was a complete rumor and not true information at all. I just dismissed this notion and moved on from it.

Now here we all are on January 10th 2020. Neil is gone from brain cancer. It kills me. All of my friends and family told me on the phone today that I am a very lucky soul. Forget about seeing 60 Neil Peart drum solos since 1984. Forget about the incredible lyrical content Neil gave to this Earth.

For me personally Neil gave me a gift. I fell in love with the drums in the seventh grade. Then that same year I fell in love with RUSH and especially Neil Peart.

I remember back in 1981 which was actually the eighth grade now I was taking drum lessons. Sorry, "Bravado" just came one. I can't see the screen with so many tears flowing down my face. I remember reading an article about how Alex had to just watch Neil play the drums on this song. Even his jaw hit the ground.

Neil's drumming on "Bravdo" is beyond beyond. I love playing it on the drums.

Anyway, where was I? So my drum teacher, Ray Libby told me to put on the headphones because he wanted to teach me "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. I remember even as a young spirited fella that I was totally bored playing that song one time through. I remember how bored I was.

So next week I brought him the cassette of "Moving Pictures." I told Ray I would like him to teach me "YYZ." on the drums. Everyone was into "Tom Sawyer" as kids. I was hooked on "YYZ." Well my drum teacher couldn't play it. Ironically I think Ray was more of a jazz drummer. LOL!

I left in frustration that night.

I went home and I put on my Sony Walkman and I learned "YYZ" on my own.

Then it became a passion. An obsession.

All I did was want to learn the entire Rush Canon on the drums.

So I started to go backwards in time and play to all of earlier records.

I was so young and I loved the challenge.

"Be cool or be cast out?"

I was a total nerd.

Had no friends even through high school.

I just immersed myself in Rush music for the drums.

The perfect nerd.

Closing the door in my drum room. My parents never complained. They are the greatest parents on the Earth to me.

Then closing my bedroom door.

Cranking "Grace Under Pressure" on cassette on my Pioneer stereo. Sitting at my desk ignoring my homework and writing lyrics like Neil.

I even did little drawings for the titles. I really liked using red and black for the title and art.

Hell, some people even today think I look a bit like Neil. It's true.

Even in the "Time Stand Still" video during that three dimensional shot. Neil in his black tank top with a tan. I that was me in 1987.


Well I've had a few beers tonight. Dedicated my first one to Neil. I'm still "Face Up" as I write this homage to Neil.

The greatest drummer and lyricist on the planet.

I will confess that even when I was an "Analog Kid" I hated seeing Neil holding a cigarette in magazine shots or just in random pics.

I have always hated cigarettes and I really had a hard time seeing Neil smoking that horrible crap.

I mean even in his books he refers to his Marlboros as "red apples."

Again, another weird thing.....


Last night I watched "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood." A masterpiece. Should win all the Oscars.

But anyway, at the end of the film Leo is doing a black and white ad for cigarettes. The are called "Red Apples."

So in my brain I thought perhaps that's why Neil called his smokes "red apples" instead.


Well, we all have our "Freewill" and we all make our own decisions.


I feel so sad for Geddy and Alex, but mostly Carrie and Olivia.


Neil is reunited with Jackie and Selena. So sad. "Chain Lightning" comes to mind. Amazing lyrics.


Life is short Rush Gang.


My heart is crushed and I have cried and ocean of tears tonight. "High Water" is rising from my eyes as I type this.


I mean I must be crazy right? Many of you think I am.


I have N PEART on my California license plate. Black with yellow letters. It's amazing and I am proud to have these plates.

Glad I met Neil by his bus during the "Vapor Trails" Tour despite us just locking eyes like two deer in headlights.

All I wanted to tell Neil was "Thank you, I've been playing the drums for 30 years thanks to you." I couldn't get the words out.

I was starstruck for the first time and only time in my life. He simply walked backwards and recoiled back onto his bus.

Meeting Geddy and Alex with many of my wonderful friends was a breeze on the GUP IV Wine Tour. Geddy and Alex were so sweet and so fun.

I remember Rod asked Alex if I could try out for RUSH and take Neil's place. Alex laughed and told me... "Ok you have 30 seconds to try out...... GO!"

So I hammered out "YYZ" on the breakfast tray with my fingers. Alex laughed and said.... "Ok! That's it! Thanks for trying!


It was classic.


Love you Rod. Love all of my friends on here.


This has been a rough day and it's finally after midnight. A new day is dawn yet the pain will eternally linger on..........................................

I will take my drumming gift and my love for Neil to my grave one day.

It's the Cycle Of Life.

We will all perish one day.

But yet we well always pray for the best.

I always thought of "Afterimage when his first wife and daughter passed. Now I think about Neil too.


"All the crap we are to take."


One of my best friends died last night too.


Killing me.


As I sit here with sunken in red bloated eyes, all I can do it learn to let it go and become stronger from this sadness.

I am so glad my mom and dad and my two girls Zoe and Skylar have seen RUSH.

One of my small goals in life. Achieved.


My girls have seen an Neil Peart drum solo in their lives.


I am happy with a mixture of emotional tears.


















The greatest drummer ever!!



Jesus! "Ghost Of A Chance" is now on my stereo! It was my wedding song.


"I believe there's a ghost of a chance to find someone to love and make it last."


My marriage failed, but at least I found the late great Neil Peart in my little tiny life.


I am blessed Johnny Blaze. Not cursed...........................................





THANK YOU 73 FOR KEEPING ME AROUND!!!!!! One hell of a rollercoaster ride baby! I'm still not getting off!





NEIL PEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love you buddy!


I turned on my local rock radio station and this song was playing! I never listen to the radio. Even 107.7 The Bone was playing Rush all day!!!


This is a worldwide tragedy and my heart is crushed but I will rebound from this like all of us real Rush fans will.


We are a Rush Family. Not some Nerd Prog Cult.


I'm going to have a NEIL PEART KEG PARTY in my home! Already working my magic. Some might even fly out to California.


Beer, catered Mexican Food, Rush stories and my drum kit in my garage for all to play!!!






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So this was my sequence of events in hearing of Neil's death.


Friday night I'm driving to work and I decided to give my daughter a hands free call. Interupting my listening of the new release of RUSH '84 Live. I tell her all about getting in shape as she is doing the same. I rambling on, she's mentions someone died, but I continue rambling on till she stops me and says, Daaaaad, did you hear who I said died? I answer, some guy died so. She says, I said Neil Peart died (so proud of her she said the proper pronunciation of his name) and I answer, Neil Peart of Toronto, the Professor from our band RUSH......YES.


I literally drove off the road. At that moment ALL sorts of thoughts went through my head. What the hell happened, my thoughts it had to be a plane crash, he better not had been on that downed Ukranian plane. Then she tells me it was brain cancer, I was like what...I haven't heard a thing anywhere not even Fox News nothing. 


So once I got to work last night I immediately went to The Rush Forum. There they already had up a whole thread section dedicated to him with 9 threads on him already. I was confused how could they have all this up already and he just died today? Then i read on and I was like you mean to tell that he's been gone since Tuesday and I'm just hearing about it. Well there should be said for political distractions, they seem to work.


That is how I heard about Neil's passing from my daughter. I'm so glad I took her to the Vapor Trails at 6 and then the Snakes & Arrows Tour in '09 she's become a RUSHNUT as well.


PEACE, rest in it always The Professor!



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I had a great time today. Went to see a movie with my dad and brother. So I turned off my phone. On my way home, while driving, I turned it on again. And I suddenly get a notification from Instagram. Rush have posted something new. I opened it up and just read it. Thought I was reading it wrong. So I read it again. I almost crashed the car when I understood what the post said. I am in shock and tears. Such a great day ended to be one of my worst. Legend, and the best drummer in the world! Rest in peace professor Neil Peart!


You were driving and using your phone?


Yes, so? Thats not really the point here...

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