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  1. They focus way too much on the korns and bizkits .. what was happening during Dave Matthew’s set? There were quite a few mellow bands there as well
  2. I guess the basic premise is that back in the 70s 80s etc you had SO many famous musicians that write great, groundbreaking music and also were famous.. the Eddie Van Halen’s and Eric Claptons and jimmy pages.. great players and artists and also household names where kids looked up to their musicianship
  3. Another great video from Rick beato. Musicianship isn’t revered like it once was..
  4. Much like Rush and Zepprlin, he was a huge presence with that band. The parts could be played but his presence and stage personality can’t be replaced.
  5. Nothing special but they put out enjoyable rock music and have been at it for 25 years. Grohl is a great ambassador for rock music in a sea of Billie eilish garbage . So I’ve always liked them. The colour and the shape is one of the great 90s albums.
  6. Saw the Facebook post from the official foo fighters page minutes after it was posted and I thought their page was hacked or something.. really shocking. He was a great solid rock drummer. Grohl must be just devastated.
  7. Was Eddie’s impact on rock guitar as immediate and explosive as people claim it to be? You will read articles about how after the debut everyone was looking to play like that , but is that true? Any forum members who were around then care to share their experiences from that time period?
  8. Not too nitpick, but I’d like her to play that on the same size kit Neil did in the TS video.. she’s obviously gifted but that’s not anything like the original
  9. Xanadoood

    Hating Rush

    It’s all about aesthetics. Rush didn’t follow the blueprint of punk rock and fitting in with a particular “ scene” they were 3 nerds from Canada who wrote sci fi epics and the Ayn Rand influence didn’t help . They were just never considered cool , and in any music scene that’s huge. It’s why someone like Joan Jett gets more respect than rush , because she’s considered “ cool “
  10. In the world of drumming, swing is king , and if you can’t swing and play with groove, you may be looked at as a hack. Peart was clinical and compositional in his approach. The burning for buddy project really showed how glaringly bad he was at swing. Will Calhoun handed him his ass in a drum off.
  11. Always felt he was too good for Moon. He could have easily fit into a prog/ jazz fusion band.
  12. David Lee Roth's brush with art Diamond Dave is awesome. Still chasing his muse. Badass. Hell yeah.
  13. David Lee Roth's brush with art Say what you will about Roth, but the guy has grabbed life by the balls and lived it. He’s a true original.
  14. I think they are similar in that they influenced a generation to to play guitar and drums, but outside of that I think they are vastly different people. Eddie was more spontaneous in his approach to music. Neil was clinical. Eddie was obviously a far more exuberant live performer. He was a rock god. Neil was a stoic figure.
  15. Wait really? That was the centrum? I have never heard that . Wow
  16. I think Crosby’s opinion of EVH. Is a perfect example of how he was viewed by that generation when the first album came out. The 60s guys just didn’t get the over the top hard rock style of Van Halen.
  17. VH 1 Fair Warning 1984 WACF VH 2 DD Balance 5150 ADKOT OU812 f**k ( love the production of this but Sammys lyrics are embarrassing) VH3
  18. Do younger guitarists listen and take anything from eddies playing? By younger I’m talking 20 somethins.
  19. This album has grown on me over the years. I think it’s their most mature album, and I like song arrangements. I liked the “ darker” direction they seemed to be going at the time, with don’t tell me what love can do and that tune for Twister, humans being.
  20. The greatest guitar god of all time. They don’t make em like that anymore.
  21. Love his playing on Blizzard and Diary. https://www.loudersound.com/news/uriah-heep-and-ozzy-osbourne-drummer-lee-kerslake-dead-at-73?fbclid=IwAR3df9n3qHEgX6aTTVz7w3M2q1up12_AdKCFAiNwxRpynCiQhUNOj2VAybQ
  22. I agree. I'm not a fan myself, but I don't pick up anything from what I've heard of them that would justify hating them. They're sort of like Puddle of Mudd or any number of nondescript bands from the 90s with that same "Seattle-ish" vibe. Yup. Or disturbed. Or hooba stank? Nickel back has sold something like 60 million albums, so they did something right. And their drummer is quite good.. and a big Neil fan. https://youtu.be/LqQENo8FwPM
  23. Alex must have been very cool to meet in person. Oops, I meant that I met one of Alex's sons (not Alex) at a concert. It was a quick handshake and hello. I don't blame him, but he was clearly annoyed with his friends for introducing him to me. Oh, my bad. Where did you meet Alex then? Aw, heck. I'm not being clear. Let me try again. Alex and I met in 1998 at a book signing at the Borders in Times Square when he asked me to autograph three of my books on behavioral psychology: When Humor Isn't, Failed Irony, and Bedtime for Rick. The plot thickens..
  24. Yup. Same here. These biopics tell me nothing I don’t already know, and the music sequences are typically dreadful to watch.
  25. One of those actors you just grew up with. Great presence. My mom was a big fan. RIP
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