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    Greensboro, North Carolina (5/28/2015)
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    Grace Under Pressure
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    The entire second set from the 2015 Greensboro show!
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    Pink Floyd, King Crimson, PJ Harvey, Porcupine Tree, Primus (Anything Les Claypool), Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Dead, Phish, Frank Zappa, The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Tom Waits
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    Bass (I suck though, and not in a Primusy way either)
  1. This. There's a finality to the music now. As if there were any doubt..
  2. I can't believe it. I simply cannot. Rush were the artists that pushed me deeper into music and truly made me appreciate it as an art. So many musical avenues were opened by Rush and Neil pioneered much of it. This is like losing... I don't know how describe it. A revered family member? A long lost pen pal? A goddamned personal hero? I don't know... this is awful. I can't even imagine what Geddy and Alex went through keeping his illness hidden for almost four years while being pestered by fans over whether Rush will ever record or perform again. All we can do is adhere to what Neil would like us to do and not vaunt him as some unparalleled god. Love his music. Cherish it. But at the end of the day he was a man, albeit a brilliant one. Rest in the deepest of peace, Professor.
  3. Fun, astute reviews. This guy has reviewed quite a few other prog band discographies (Yes, ELP, Jethro Tull, etc.) and he's just now getting around to Rush. Will post updates in this thread intermittently. :)
  4. Might as well post. My rankings switch up every so often. 1. A Farewell to Kings 2. Hemispheres 3. Permanent Waves 4. Grace Under Pressure 5. 2112 6. Power Windows 7. Signals 8. Clockwork Angels 9. Moving Pictures 10. Caress of Steel 11. Hold Your Fire 12. Vapor Trails 13. Fly By Night 14. Counterparts 15. Roll the Bones 16. Snakes & Arrows 17. Presto 18. Test for Echo 19. Rush
  5. By far the lowest rating I've heard of for it. Everyone I know thought it was more or less a riot. Church scene anyone? I am definitely one of the minority group. It really turned me off. I must be getting old and prudish, as the #1 turnoff was the 10,000 F-bombs in the dialogue. With Firth and Caine in the film, I had expected something more sophisticated. I actually love that Firth and Caine did something wonky and over the top. :dweez:
  6. Didn't care for Pacific Rim, Godzilla (2014), Cloverfield, Monsters, or The Host (2006) ?
  7. Well from what I've gathered the park has been up and running for a decade or so and interest has dwindled, so they cooked up a new dino in the lab to reinvigorate interest? Whatever. As long as I get to see the original T-Rex take down this Frankenstein's monster, I'll be happy.
  8. Hope to GAWD it's shot better (I swear it's disorienting to watch. I don't think there's a single shot that lasts longer than 2 seconds in the whole concert) and mixed MUCH better than the Clockwork Angels blu-ray. Is there someone we can contact to ensure it's a quality release? Maybe if we all band together and send hundreds of emails to the right person they'll get the message?
  9. Just a heads up you might want to edit the thread title as it implies that some albums got skipped on the tour and those who still remain spoiler free might see the threat title from the front page of the site. Anywho... Driven Show Don't Tell Open Secrets Marathon
  10. I'm a big fan of the og Jurassic Park and as a kid I was quite the dino fiend. The long awaited -true- sequel releases in a little over a week. How do you guys feel about it? Will it disappoint? Live up to potential? Or do you just want to see dinosaurs on the big screen again, no matter the quality?
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