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    When I discovered the band
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  1. Different Strings Actual: Too much fuss and bother Misheard: Too much for Zimbabwe
  2. Freewill You can choose from phantom fears and tigers that can kill. Tom Sawyer Monday warrior Right on to the fridge the other day.
  3. Second set was perfect, first set could have been better. Below is my take on first set: 1 Headlong Flight 2 Far Cry 3 Earthshine 4 Test for Echo 5 Cut to the Chase 6 Roll the Bones 7 Show Don't Tell 8 Prime Mover 9 Kid Gloves 10 Losing It 11 Subdivisions
  4. The band was forced to cancel this gig at lunch time the same day as they were supposed to perform due to Ian Paice had been taken ill. Now the show's been re-scheduled and will take place on July 1st instead. I'm so excited to see Purple!!!
  5. Moving Pictures for me. I agree with what Lorraine said in the OP; there's not ONE single bad song on the album. However I love Hemispheres as well and doesn't think there's a bad song on that album either, but like I said, I go with Moving Pictures!
  6. Happy Birthday EagleMoon. I hope you have a wonderful day with your friends and family!
  7. I don't know if this has been mentioned earlier in the thread but if you watch Neil's interview on tv show The Hour from around the time of the Time Machine tour he says: "We feel we're at our peak musically right now and we know that can't possibly last forever" That's maybe a big reason why they did the tour, they felt they were playing really good.
  8. When I saw Alice Cooper at Gröna Lund, a family fun park, in Stockholm, Sweden in July 2015. It was great to see Alice being killed by a guillotine in the middle of roller coasters and children.
  9. http://www.avclub.com/article/tom-sawyer-megamix-celebrates-35-years-rushs-movin-232544
  10. Rush - Working Man Fly by night - By-tor and the snow dog Caress of Steel - Bastille Day 2112 - 2112 A Farewell to Kings - Xanadu Hemispheres - La Villa Strangiato Permanent Waves - Natural Science Moving Pictures - Red Barchetta Signals - The Weapon Grace Under Pressure - Between the Wheels Power Windows - Middletown Dreams Hold your fire - Prime Mover Presto - The Pass Roll the Bones - Dreamline Counterparts - Cut to the chase Test for Echo - Test for Echo Vapor Trails - Vapor Trail Snakes and Arrows - Far Cry Clockwork Angels - Headlong Flight
  11. I picked up The Astonishing at my local record store today and listened to it with headphones this afternoon. I must say I really enjoyed it. But I guess I'll have to listen to it a few more times before I can give a detailed review. At this point I can say that I really liked James' vocals performance in When your time has come.
  12. http://prog.teamrock.com/features/2016-01-19/thinking-out-loud-geddy-lee
  13. Here's a video of Mike Mangini playing along to the recorded version of The Enemy Inside at a drum clinic.
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