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    Vapor Trails
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    Any of the four shows I've been to.
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  1. I'm pretty sure I joined the site the day it launched (I was a regular on Counterparts before that) and spent a LOT of my high school years on here. A few people from those days, I'm still friends with. I still lurk here occasionally under a different name but figured I should come say hi today, although it's under awful circumstances. This is a shock. He's the greatest to ever do it.
  2. Completely shocked and devastated. This was out of nowhere.
  3. I expect the album will be very good. I also expect that the negative threads on this forum will outweigh the positive ones by about 2-1.
  4. Since I haven't heard the remixes since they were released, I just dug up my copy of Retrospective 3 and listened to the remixes and originals side-by-side. Call it a draw. There are things I like about the remixes (more layers, and the drums sound much more defined), but there's still not nearly enough bottom end for them to be definitively better than the original. To me it's like the Beatles mono and stereo reissues. It's worth having both.
  5. RE:Work schedule: You'd think no band has ever toured more than one year on the same album before. Christ. RE:Vapor Trails remix: I'll buy it, but I hope it sounds better than the remixes on Retrospective 3.
  6. Did I really just see it suggested that Clockwork Angels could become "the great lost Rush album"? Have a little faith, people.
  7. I got s/t on vinyl (thereby completing my collection except for RTB, CP, and VT which are impossible to find) and the MP/2112 Classic Albums DVD.
  8. Is there a Miami date on this tour? Because we can't entirely rule out Rush announcing at the last minute that they're taking their video-recording talents to South Beach instead.
  9. Rush probably gets more mainstream media attention from getting snubbed every year than they ever would if they actually got inducted.
  10. I caught the pilot episode of Boardwalk tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will definitely keep watching.
  11. This fall I'll be taking a rock-history class. I got the textbook today, and have been paging through it. Here's the section they have on Rush: QUOTE Revamped Prog From the North: Rush. Perhaps the most enduring of the progressive rock-influenced bands to emerge in the second half of the 1970s is the Canadian power trio Rush. The band first made its mark in 1976 with its fourth album, the concept album 2112, and followed with a string of records that did better and better on the album charts. In 1980, Permanent Waves hit the number four spot in the United States when most bands were turning away from ambitious concept albums. Because the band included no keyboards during the first few years and depended on Alex Lifeson's guitar playing for its harmonic color, their sound avoided some of the classical pretension that generated so much criticism of the original prog bands. Bassist Geddy Lee's high-pitched vocals were reminiscent of both Jon Anderson of Yes and Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, and it was probably this similarity to Plant that kept many rock critics from including Rush in their prog-bashing diatribes. Still, the band kept the prog flame alive in the mainstream, and Neil Peart's virtuosic drumming and ambitiously poetic lyrics made it clear that there was no return-to-simplicity to be found in Rush's music. The Canadian trio were able to remain commercially successful into the 1980s and 1990s, with top-selling albums and sold-out tours, long after most other prog bands had broken camp. Not anything beyond the basics, but it's kind of interesting to see how a more academic survey of rock history looks at them.
  12. Floydfanatic had to be anti-semitic, didn't he? He would have been just the man for the job.
  13. I've started using "back when Audioslave was still Raaaaaaaaage" to refer to anything that happened in the '90s.
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