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  1. Fifty times, you rock!! I sometimes still wonder at the "reaction" to the news. For me it had a lot to do with the fact they were quiet for a while, Geddy touring his BBBB, not much news, the End sinking in, some interviews. Then the announcement of Neil's passing was like a double shot: What?!! And...No Wonder! Holy Sh*t...they're actually DONE. No more Rush, no more debate. I was outside of myself in that moment of hearing the news on the radio. Long story already told, but I was in an auto-pilot mode for a while. Well my plan was that it was going to be 53, Tampa, Atlanta, Greensboro (stay with ex in-laws) then my finale back to my former home in Md. There I was going to take my daughter for her birthday. The show was actually in Bristow Va where I always would see them when I lived up that way. However a family emergency came up and I had to cancel those three. I knew or I felt this was going to be their last tour together. On my lonely 5 hour drive back from Tampa to West Palm Beach I had to pull over 1 o’clock in the morning balling like a baby then crash at some motel. That’s because I knew that show was going to be my very, very last time I was to see my favorite rock band of nearly 300+ concerts. Most of them was working security at the Hampton Coliseum in VA, the busiest concert venue on the east coast and through a international musician friend I’ve followed all over this country and in Europe. I’ve settled down now, only a few concerts per year except when my friend and his band comes down to South Florida. I’ll follow him for 6-10 dates. Back to Rush, over the years they were always the one band I would look forward to see…..what new lighting they’d have or the set list etc etc. Big sigh, all good things sometimes MUST come to an end and it most certainly did for my favorite band. peace
  2. The impact of NEP’s death hit me when I first heard of his death. When my daughter called me on my way to work at night, I literally drove off the road into a small ditch. I was in a haze of disbelief that night. Now I’m long past that now, I smile now knowing I spent so much time, money, energy chasing the band up and down the east coast fifty times seeing them live since 84’. I now am going way back to b4 2112 listening to that catalog of their music that I need to get more familiar. It’s been a wonderful wild ride loving this band, that a lot of my friends can’t stand. However, they give much respect to Neil Peart because he’s the GOAT and a modern day warrior of the drum world.
  3. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/rushs-alex-lifeson-brought-to-tears-by-british-drummer-nandi-bushell-11 @rushtheband[/url] Oh @Nandi_Bushell , you brought a tear to my eye with this tribute! Tom Sawyer is a difficult song to play drums to and you made it so much fun. Neil would have loved your performance and wonderful smile, as both Geddy and I do! - Alex Well Alex approves.
  4. Hello one and all, I hope everyone is doing well as we continue living through this pandemic. So I get these videos of percussion playing musicians from around the the world I came across this one. Her name is Nandi Bushell and I believe she's from England. She's around 10-11 years, playing drum covers of various bands preferably her favorite metal bands. She decided to give this song a "try" after seeing an interview where Neil P-eart said the song is very difficult to play. I air drum to it all the time but I just can't up. It's far from my favorite RUSH song but most people have heard it at least once. Well here she goes giving it a try and check her out on the Chad Smith Show of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with her dad talking about music..... Also I believe I saw an image of her the cover Modern Drummer, I like what she says at the end. Peace
  5. This is my favorite RUSH album since I first saw them back in 84'. The song RSA is in rotation of my number 1 RUSH song along with The Camera Eye, La Villa Strangiato and Natural Science. Peace
  6. Hmmmm, I might just that one and that Wandering The Face Of The Earth the official tour book. Peace
  7. I like this guy and his comedic flavors, he's about as crazy as I'm. Peace
  8. I love the song because they mention Jamaica, a place I just love to visit, besides the thought of traveling the world in search of the best weed seems brilliant to me. Peace
  9. Well, I have to say you surely did not hold back one bit. I'll just say I totally agree with about S&A, that album has always rub me the wrong way. I just seem to not be able to connect with that album even though I saw that tour 4 times and loved the tour. There's hope for me and that album because there was a time I couldn't stand PW. I was expecting something similar to P/G my all time favorite RUSH album. Today, PW is probably, no it is in my top 10 Rush albums. Peace
  10. I've never broken up with the band and I never will as they're STILL are my #1 rock band. That said I did drift away from them a bit after TFE. I had so much going on in my life in the early 90's, got married had a child etc. However, when VT came out I just loved that album or I was just straight up hungry to eat up anything new from RUSH. I Of the 50 shows and tours I've seen since P/G that VT tour was the most I saw RUSH live 6 times as they kept coming back to the east coast and the DC Metro area. I even went to Baltimore with my then 7 year daughter eith the DC sniper was keeping people at home and the next day I was in London for a wedding. Man, this year I've listened to so much RUSH I had to purposely stop and give them a break especially with the lockdown back in March. At work I was given the name of the RUSHNUT Dude, mainly due to constantly listening every RUSH recording and my NP sticker on the back of my suv. Peace
  11. Thanks for posting the article, it made me smile as well. Read it while listening to Amazon Music The Greatest Songs by RUSH in particular La Villa Strangiato. Its my number one or two RUSH song depending on my mood with the Camera Eye or RedAector A. I'm still trying to deal with this loss, at times it just feels like I lost my favorite uncle. Take care everyone
  12. So as I sit here in my car, still in shock of his passing. I've one question, did anybody else have an idea he was battling cancer? I had no clue he was sick or else I surely would've been visiting TRF more often.
  13. So this was my sequence of events in hearing of Neil's death. Friday night I'm driving to work and I decided to give my daughter a hands free call. Interupting my listening of the new release of RUSH '84 Live. I tell her all about getting in shape as she is doing the same. I rambling on, she's mentions someone died, but I continue rambling on till she stops me and says, Daaaaad, did you hear who I said died? I answer, some guy died so. She says, I said Neil Peart died (so proud of her she said the proper pronunciation of his name) and I answer, Neil Peart of Toronto, the Professor from our band RUSH......YES. I literally drove off the road. At that moment ALL sorts of thoughts went through my head. What the hell happened, my thoughts it had to be a plane crash, he better not had been on that downed Ukranian plane. Then she tells me it was brain cancer, I was like what...I haven't heard a thing anywhere not even Fox News nothing. So once I got to work last night I immediately went to The Rush Forum. There they already had up a whole thread section dedicated to him with 9 threads on him already. I was confused how could they have all this up already and he just died today? Then i read on and I was like you mean to tell that he's been gone since Tuesday and I'm just hearing about it. Well there should be said for political distractions, they seem to work. That is how I heard about Neil's passing from my daughter. I'm so glad I took her to the Vapor Trails at 6 and then the Snakes & Arrows Tour in '09 she's become a RUSHNUT as well. PEACE, rest in it always The Professor!
  14. Not only is is a great album to listen to, it's also one of their best album covers to look at as well.
  15. I agree, I would've been pissed had I missed R40. After exactly 50 shows starting in November 1948 GUP tour Hampton VA and having my daughter see the S&A show in Bristol, Va I'm satisfied. I hope this is the end because I would not want to see them playing music in an obvious decline, they mean far too much to me. BTW, that last show in Tampa FL I broke down balling on my way back to Palm Beach that I had to stop and stay over at a hotel I just couldn't continue driving home.
  16. All great albums but the one that stood out for me and still stands out today is TEN.....PEARL JAM
  17. Amongst many reasons....One that stood out to me was how these three guys seem to just be ordinary guys who for the most part never got into trouble or cause a rockus. While being pioneers in playing their instruments in a major rock band. I would always get such pleasure from friends, people would ask me who is your favorite rock band....I would say RUSH. Then they would say, Rush really but that guy's voice.....Yeah I know but they're number one one the list after now seeing them a perfect 50 times since 84'.
  18. While in college I worked at Denny's in Hampton VA the graveyard shift. I went to see ACDC before going to work.....Tired and about 3am I saw two huge tour buses stop at a light in front of our restaurant. I said to a friend....Get ready we're going to have a bunch of hungry people come in here (we were dead it was the middle of the week 85' I think it was Fly On The Wall tour), my friend said from where? I told him I betcha that's ACDC IN those busses, he says to me what is that? I told a rock band I saw last night just follow them and see if they park in our lot. Sure enough they parked and about 15-20 men I can't recall any women started heading into our doors. It was the road crew and the ENTIRE band EXCEPT Angus. The band sat together at one big round table, the counter and elsewhere I think they were the only ones in Denny's. Anyway I had the counter and the big table....I had trouble taking their orders of the band due to their thick accents. They would say "ottae please" I say excuse me say again....Finally a roadie would step in to explain they wanted hot tea and so on. It became too funny as i slowly took theirs with difficulty. I told them you guys are much easier to understand when you are singing. They said to you were at the show I said certainly they didn't believe me, so I opened my Denny's shirt to show the rust red tour shirt for them to believe I was there. So after everyone got Their fillings one of the roadies went out and came back with ALL THIS tour stuff including an ALL ACCESS tour pass for every remaining show on the tour. He said "wear this and come see anytime you want" I thanked them so much and the very nice tip (I was more than able to pay rent that month). They also signed a bunch things as well. It was a great first show of 12 I think to date very loud as they blasted their hits even though I didn't care for that FOTW album. I never did asked them so where's Angus?
  19. OK I'm having trouble posting this video as a direct link, where as one can just click on the video play button and hear it. How do I post it like others have done here?
  20. Lately this song has been floating in my head since I first heard it earlier this year. Love the way it starts out then comes the heavy crunch the guitars later in the song. IF Only it were two minutes longer this song would be perfect..... Conquer Or Die...MEGADETH
  21. I haven't been into Metallica for a long time. However, a few weeks ago was the anniversary for AJFA and started listening to them again. Loved my favorites from the album Eye Of the Beholder, Harvester Of Sorrow and Frayed Ends. Heard this new track and must say I like this one even more that the first release from the new album. The new album looks promising to say the least.
  22. So what is AXS TV is that station in Canada?
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