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Best Rush Album for Each Season


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For Example: Vapor Trails is a very upbeat and positive album. Nice to listen to in the Spring, when everything is blooming.


Winter: Fly By Night or Caress of Steel


Spring: Vapor Trails or Signals


Summer: Power Windows


Fall: Grace Under Pressure or Moving Pictures


I originally got the idea to make the topic after a post in this topic:




By this user:



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I saw the little bit of conversation about the albums in that thread as well; it's an interesting topic!


I think every Rush album has a seasonal mood to it. The way I'd put my albums is as follows. I put my favorite for each season in italics:



Caress of Steel

A Farewell to Kings

Grace Under Pressure

Test For Echo



Permanent Waves

Power Windows


Vapor Trails




Moving Pictures


Hold Your Fire

Snakes and Arrows



Fly By Night



Roll The Bones


Clockwork Angels

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Winter-Grace Under Pressure or Moving Pictures,both bleak sounding records,not a bad thing.Spring-Power Windows or Permanent Waves.Both bright albums 'springing ' to life.Summer-Roll the Bones-I played it all summer long in my 1959 Pontiac without a care in the world.Autumn/Fall-2112 or Hemispheres or anything by Leonard Cohen,winters coming,foreboding.
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Summer- Permanent Waves (especially on a summer night, driving around after dark)


Autumn- Hemispheres


Winter- Grace Under Pressure


Spring- Hold Your Fire

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Too technical for me... how about this: Any Rush album anytime? Right now, on Youtube, Rush just came on with By Tor... so, I just HAD to turn that SOB up!
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Autumn for me is Hold Your Fire or Power Windows. Maybe it's because they were released at that time. No other album has a set time for me
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I hope this doesn't mean I need to wait 6 months before I listen to Red Barchetta again! ;)
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Winter- Fly By Night


Spring- Moving Pictures


Summer- Hemispheres


Autumn- Caress Of Steel

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Rush is good any time of year, I don't discriminate between the albums I love :sundog:


Presto is horrible any time of year, though. Probably worst during summer, because all that thin and dry sound is going to leave me severely dehydrated.

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Winter: Presto or AFTK

Spring: Signals or P/G

Summer: Moving Pictures

Fall: Hold Your Fire or Power Windows


Weird how there are so many different opinions on this. I think it depends on when the first time you heard the album was, as well as maybe a certain point in your life when you were listening to it. I fell in love with Rush after hearing Grace Under Pressure in the spring of '84, so that will always be a "spring" album for me. BTW: Lorraine! My font is doing weird crap again!

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