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  1. ABBA (if only their Scandinavian powers could lower summer temperatures here around...)
  2. No. But someone should tell radio stations about Kashmir, In My Time Of Dying etc
  3. If 8/10 is the score for "Great Album", CA qualifies for that.
  4. Great news. IMHO "Afterglow" wasn't a proper way to say goodbye. I just hope they will add some dates around in summer 2018.
  5. Quality of our lives has not definetely improved in the last teo years
  6. Geezer! Did you just make this up or does this product exist??? I want two copies! LOL! Alas, at the moment it is just a dream.....
  7. OMG!! GEEZER! Don't take this the wrong way but I LOVE YOU!!!! Of course!! I love Peter!! But exactly!! What FISH did with Marillion in the Eighties was immaculate. I mean seriously let's really get right down to the Lothian Heart of the matter...... Gabriel with Genesis. LEGEND. PERFECT. From Genesis To Revelations Trespass Nursery Cryme Foxtrot Selling England By The Pound The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Six records with Genesis. The debut album is good, but not a prog classic. JMO So that's five albums with Gabriel Genesis. All Masterpieces. Now enter the Marillion Fish Era...... Script for A Jester's Tear Fugazi Misplaced Childhood Clutching At Straws That's four immaculate perfect albums too. Oh, and to make it more even, don't forget about "The B Sides Themselves." Marillion wrote many songs that were not on those four records. "Lady Nina" and "Freaks." "Three Boats...." too. "Grendel?" I mean I think it's a fair argument to discuss early Marillion VS early Genesis. Amazing prog. I love it all like a whore with a "Warm Wet Circle." Bring it on gang! Fish in Marillion > Gabriel Genesis Oh and the FISH solo albums blow away Peter's boring ass shite. Peter went POP! Signed, "Don't Give Up" I LOVE 'Don't Give Up', but mainly because of Kate Bush!
  8. Paul Weller - 12th Sep Milan The Rolling Stones - 30th Sep Amsterdam Bryan Adams - 11th Nov Milan Alice Cooper - 30th Nov Milan
  9. I have never understood why Marillion failed to really impress America: here in Europe their crowds went bigger and bigger and there was a good number of metalheads among them (my case at that time).
  10. OK, I can't leave you on your own! My vote is for FISH: Gabriel's career is much more full of triumphs but what Fish gave during the 80s and during a good part of his solo years touched indeed my inner strings. And I find Feast his best studio album
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