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  1. The one I'd want as well. Since I saw the MTV concert when I was in junior high
  2. As a bass player, I believe that HYF is Geddy's best bass work.
  3. 1983...sixth grade. My friend and I were enjoying a two for Tuesday on the radio where they played Tom Sawyer and New World Man. His older sister laughed and brought us downstairs to hear PeW in its entirety. It gave me chills. I still feel that way listening to that record.
  4. Perfect album for me. Can not decide
  5. I still can’t stomach listening to superconductor
  6. Saw this tour in Rochester, NY. Last stop with Candlebox so they played the first verse of Working Man and Geddy sang it from back stage. Halfway through the show Alex teased the opening riff and Neil sat there with his arms folded.
  7. I remember liking it but probably because it was Rush and not because of the songs. It was my fifth new Rush album and the first one to contain a song I didn’t like. Superconductor. Still don’t like it. The album would be better if it were recorded a decade earlier by someone else.
  8. I have Tormato by Yes on 8 track
  9. Autumn for me is Hold Your Fire or Power Windows. Maybe it's because they were released at that time. No other album has a set time for me
  10. Scenes is a good album, but there is a bit too much bombastic pomposity for me. Maybe if they cut down some of the jams and took out some of the drama. I want to like DT a lot, but there are factors that make it difficult. Due to these elements, I choose 2112.
  11. I saw these guys open for Jethro Tull in 1990. I forgot about them. I'll have to dig them up.
  12. It would probably be about an architect who does his own thing or an ex industrialist that stops the motor of the world
  13. Bottom 10... Roll the Bones tracks 3-10 Dog years Superconductor My least favorite Rush. The last two are the only ones I truly dislike.
  14. Were you drunk or high? :laughing guy: Seemed innocuous enough; they must not make sarcasm detectors like they used to, given the reax to the post. The period after neither must have passed through the detector as well... That was my attempt. I took it as sarcasm.
  15. Were you drunk or high? :laughing guy: Neither.
  16. My first new Rush was Signals and since that album there has been at least one song that I didn't care for on each new record that through the years has become one that I really dig... Chemistry... I didn't care for this song at all until about ten years ago when I was listening to the vinyl and it jumped out and became the one tune I wished they would pull out if the vault. Mystic Rhythms... Overplayed on MTV (hard to believe). I rediscovered this on the Counterparts tour. Tai Shan... I know, shoot me. I like it. Great Bass playing on a stupid song. Hand Over Fist... Bass is in the pocket. How it is... I did not like this at first, but it grew. Wish Them Well... I listened to this yesterday and loved it for the first time. There were some from earlier on, but I was thinking about these tunes because these were new for me when they were new to the world.
  17. I listened to this today and really like the album. It is some of the best writing they have done in years. I would have liked to hear it recorded to tape using an old board and an old producer. Hiwatt, Sunn, and Ampeg turned up loud...
  18. I revisited side two not too long ago and found new love for Tears. Great song! Lessons too.
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