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Black Sabbath...


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QUOTE (rushgoober @ Aug 30 2012, 12:29 PM)
I thought they were great in my younger days when I was into heavy metal. Now I think their music is a bit dark for my tastes in general. Mind you, if I come across Paranoid or Iron Man or Heaven and Hell on the radio on occasion, I'll enjoy it, but I pretty much never go out of my way to listen to them.

I don't mean any of this as a put down - they were obviously a very talented and tremendously influential group, just not my cup of tea these days.

Same. Although Heaven & Hell would be an exception for me. The guitar and vocals are just soooo good on this.


Still love stumbling across War Pigs on the radio, or Fairies Wear Boots, Sweet Leaf, NIB. Don't ever neeed to hear Iron Man again.

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QUOTE (Silas Lang @ Oct 12 2012, 03:32 AM)
Well it's that time of the year with Halloween approaching for that sinister sound of Sabbath. Ozzy's menacing mournful wail, Iommi's evil and doom laden riffs, Geezer's solemn brooding bass and Ward's thunderous drumming provide the ideal soundtrack for the season. Here's my picks for the Sabs' 10 scariest tracks.

1. Black Sabbath - face to face with the Devil himself...the definitive Sabbath track
2. Electric Funeral - talk about yer evil riffs and Ozzy delivers a downright demented vocal performance of the hellish, nightmarish lyrics
3. Iron Man - futuristic Frankenstein story...that lumbering intro with distorted voice is still one of rock's most memorable and spinechilling moments 
4. War Pigs - another ominous and bloodcurdling intro with some absolutely frightening lyrical imagery courtesy of Geezer perfectly underlined by Ward who really lays it down here. Interestingly, two of the most effective aspects of this track the band had nothing to do with. The siren during the intro and the sped up outro were entirely the idea of either the producer or the engineer. 
5. Hand of Doom - "...now you're gonna die!" 
6. Megalomania - great doomy intro and appropriately maniacal, borderline insane vocal delivery from Ozzy (which he matches on most of the Sabotage album actually) 
7. Into The Void - some simply diabolical and oppressive Iommi riffery right here
8. Children of the Grave - cool spooky outro
9. Planet Caravan - nice relaxed yet eerie atmosphere
10. Wicked World - just for the title alone

For the Dio era I'd mention E5I5O or Falling Off The Edge of the World (particularly the intro)

Notice that, except for Paranoid and Fairies Wear Boots, you named every track off Paranoid. What an absolutely brilliant album.

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When I want to listen to some riff pounding metal....


I put on Black Sabbath.... I have every album and with every incarnation available.


Ozzy, Ronnie, Ian, Glenn, Ray or Tony....whoever teamed up with Iommi and Ward and Gezzer ...it is all great



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Good lord... one of my first threads here. laugh.gif


Took a Sabbatical ( laugh.gif) from Sabbath for a bit... but have broke out the Dio-era stuff lately. And Eternal Idol.


And I still think sabotage is a fantastic concept/early metal album. Put it in a cd player at work last week.

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QUOTE (2112mjh @ Aug 31 2012, 06:13 AM)
Got to be Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or Sabotage. Not a filler track on either album. Sabbath Vol 4 is a close  runner as well.

I realised quite recently that SBS is my fave album, but not really a massive fan of the Sabs I guess.

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QUOTE (Rick N. Backer @ Oct 12 2012, 12:10 PM)
Notice that, except for Paranoid and Fairies Wear Boots, you named every track off Paranoid.  What an absolutely brilliant album.



It surprises me that the first album doesn't seem to get the same sort of accolades which it thoroughly deserves. It's easily the equal of Paranoid. The rest I'd rank like this:


Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (amazingly brilliant in its own right)

Master of Reality

Vol. 4


Heaven And Hell

Mob Rules

Technical Ecstasy

Never Say Die

Born Again



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I've gotten back into Sabbath just very recently- I heard National Acrobat on satellite radio a few weeks ago and it made me want to dig up the old Ozzy-era albums (which are the only ones I have, so that's what Sabbath is, to me, you understand)...


Great old rock & roll.

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QUOTE (Ancient Ways @ Oct 18 2012, 06:26 PM)
For its time Sabbath had some phenomenal drumming. Much better than typical music of the time.


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Sabbath was the first band I got into, my brother's friend lent us , we sold our soul for rock and roll, album, I was hooked from that day on, buying born again the first day it come out, skipping 1st period class, show I could be the first to buy the album when the store opened,nothing beats, disturbing the priest, zero the hear, born again and digital bitch, but the sound quality was poor, Dio era was my faverate, even live evil, become a huge Dio fan, goto so some love for eternal idol, headless cross, the seventh star,, dream come true when I finally saw sabbath, in 1986 for the seventh star tour, any form of sabbath is good, I agree sabotage is their best, the entire album is a pure metal monster.

1022.gif 1022.gif 1022.gif trink39.gif

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QUOTE (treeduck @ Jun 17 2008, 06:00 PM)
While we're talking Sabs, I just thought I'd say, I really love the jazzy Iommi solo in Air Dance from Never Say Die, a classy moment...

Right on! great, underrated song - and album, for that matter



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QUOTE (greg2112 @ Oct 19 2012, 05:53 AM)
QUOTE (J2112YYZ @ Oct 18 2012, 05:52 PM)
Update on the new album. Everything seems to be coming along nicely. Best news of all is that Geezer is writing the lyrics again 1022.gif


Its absolutely killing me that MR BILL WARD is not a part of this. Just not the same.

Honestly, we've seen Sabbath go through so many lineup changes that Bill not being there doesn't bother me at all. In that article even Geezer questions what's going on with Bill's contract negotiations. If Tony and Geezer can reach an agreement with Sharon or whoever else is runing this thing then there's no reason Bill can't. It's not like he's got anything better to do.

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