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  1. I've got the Def Leopard/Styx/Tesla show next week in San Diego. And just bought my Black Sabbath - The End - tickets for 2/2016 at the LA Forum.
  2. My take on ....the post August 1st Los Angeles Rush. Rush will record another album - Nothing has ever suggested they won't. The new album will be released between January 1st 2019 - January 1st 2020. They will not tour in support of the new album - everything suggests they won't. They will eventually perform (all three of them) on stage, together, maybe 1-6 more times in their lives ...probably at highly charitable festival events. Or possibly a Farewell of Kings run with 2 nights each at Toronto, New York and LA. This scenario seems to be the most hopeful yet still realistic. If Rush never puts out another album or never performs again...I'm okay with that. I have 40+ years and 26 shows of memories. If Rush makes new music or plays live again...well, we all will be treated to yet another chapter in the amazing book about... The greatest Rock-n-Roll band of our time and maybe of all time.
  3. Rivendell is their worst song. Hard to argue this statement....but as a long time Tolkien fan, this song still doesn't get skipped when it comes up on my random Rush playlist....I listen and put myself around an Elfin bonfire with a hot Elf girl....while hitting the pipe with Gandalf and Elrond.
  4. I anonymously put the lyrics to Cygnus X-1 on my college astrology teacher's desk, back in 1984...The next day he announced to the class his praise and that he would like to talk to the contributing student after class. I reluctantly went to talk to him (my shy and stoner years) and he thought I had written it because I never gave credit to Peart...I told him it was a rock-n-roll song by Rush and written by Neil Peart ...he loved it and it may have helped me get the A grade, I probably deserved anyway.
  5. Anything that echoes with a loon... Is alright by me... Love T&M. I saw the TFE Tour 3 times. It was a great setlist.
  6. Check out my signature below... From Hemispheres to R-40... It's been an amazing ride.
  7. I saw two shows...Irvine and LA Also saw Boston last week.. It was a good Rock-n-Roll vacation.
  8. I was there!!!! I felt a little bit like a celebrity... It was an honor to be able to see that show. It is still sinking in... Whatever the future of Rush is ? That LA show is embedded in my memory forever.
  9. I think it's very safe to assume Neil didn't cry. At all. Geddy, no - he is very disciplined. Alex - if any one of them would have, it would have been him, but I think he is in such pain with his hands that even though I think he felt very bad, he was relieved it was over. Look at the final song that's everywhere on Youtube.... Look at Geddy just jamming Garden Road in front of the stage looking into emptyness.... This is NOT a guy who's happy this is ending.... Look at Neil and his giddiness (No pun intended) leaving his kit the EXACT second the show ends, like a kid who just finished school... He COULDN"T wait to get out of there.... Look at his "bye bye!" and the way he bolts off the stage.... Look at Alex, standing there, not knowing what to do... Look at Geddy saying " "I" truly hope we'll see each other again".... Then taking a final look at the stage, heartbroken (And I think saying "Bye bye" to it)... (And the tap on the back from the roadie who probably knew how Geddy was feeling as he was handing him his bass) All the info we need is there..... The old exp<b></b>ression goes "There wasn't a dry eye in the house" well, yes there were... TWO! Neil's eyes.... He was so happy to get out of there, I found it almost indecent.... I don't think we'll see Neil again.... Mosbach posted that "End Of The Road" pic after the show.... That Anderson guy's tweet... John Good... These are all people related to Neil (Don't think Al & Geddy have much of a relationship with any of those).... The only 2 people always saying in interviews that it's not the end are Geddy and Alex.... Someone wrote here on the board (Earl??) that Neil left the party pretty quick, while Geddy & Alex stayed 'til 2:30.... It's all there..... Geddy & Alex are on their own..... On another note, saw somwewhere that in recent weeks, some idiots went and broke every remaining thing at Le Studio (Exterior windows, etc...) I TRULY hope that Rush fans who visit that place aren't doing that stuff........... The stupid media went and talked about the whole thing this Spring... Well... They probably just ended up doing the building in......... Now every idiot in town will go and party and squat and break everything... Way to go.... I feel you brother....on several points. There was lots of emotion...the crowd, the band, the crew... After seeing them 27 times with the Hemi Tour my first, I'd like to think I can feel the vibe of a show.... The Irvine sound and band energy was amazing. O M F-ing God...When I walked into the Forum on Saturday August 1st 2015.... The vibe was different, hard to explain....gloriously eerie? They came...They played...that will be recorded in the annals of Rock Legend.... Hopefully the 3 Man Rush Bow at the end will be received by all an ultimate sign of appreciation and recognition of a Rock-n-Roll success story... A story that has touched so many of us so deeply...for so long. Thank you Alex, Neil and Geddy...for being RUSH
  10. I attended both shows.... Irvine was Mind blowing....Great set, amazing sound...Their performance was excellent. LA was Heart pounding ....Great set, Amazing vibe...You could tell the boys and even the crew had a little nervous emotion. Rush played great... you could tell they were very appreciative of the crowd. Hopefully there will be a bonus cd...... Aug 1st - Rush in LA
  11. I will be at The Forum Saturday night... My show #27... This night will be epic... Much respect to living legends of Rush.
  12. A bit of a hurry for Irvine... And then I hope to have Time Stand Still in Los Angeles. It's going to be bitter sweet....with no guarantee of the future.
  13. Hurry up Irvine and LA....I need my real live fix.
  14. That ten thousand year old tree is sounding sweet.
  15. Natural Science Xanadu Red Barchetta The Camera Eye A Farewell to Kings Hemispheres
  16. Very nice.... That last date, may be a concert for the Ages. I will be at the last 2 shows... I need to commemorate them similar to what you have done. Very nice...
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