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  1. even if it was online. When I'm called an idiot and mocked for trying to express my feelings and opinion about addiction which took my brother at the far too young age of 54, something that hurts to this day and never will stop hurting, It's time to move on from this place. (page 6 of the Taylor Hawkins thread in Music of the Spheres) Obviously this is simply not the right "community" (using the term rather loosely) for me to be part of. The hate and rudeness in this world continues to be more and more difficult to deal with and I have zero interest in absorbing yet more of it here. Guess the next thing would be to call me a pussy. I wish most of you the best.
  2. This post reminded me of a movie scene... http://youtu.be/uUPHlAbAf2I Is there a point to this post? You're an idiot? Really? Well, better than being an asshole. Oh and fukk you you fukking piece of shit.
  3. DeShaun Watson or Robert Kraft can recommend a place
  4. pragmatism got so caught up with extremes that word left my vocab That nicely summarizes our current social and political landscape. post of the week
  5. 1972 - Highway Star by Deep Purple
  6. I fukked this up somehow. Must've thought it was the alphabetical one 1990 - Rust In Peace by Megadeth
  7. Bookends - Simon & Garfunkel
  8. I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello
  9. I wish I could get worked up over the Oscar ceremony but I stopped watching and caring like 17 years ago. That recently huh? Good for you. You hung in there for a good long while then. I'm impressed. :)
  10. There was a very big thread being archived today, it was stuck in archive mode because I was changing archive settings before it was finished, and it causing some slowdowns. Slowly but surely I'm nailing down a procedure that gets these threads archived without messing us up too much. thanks for the explanation
  11. This post reminded me of a movie scene... http://youtu.be/uUPHlAbAf2I Is there a point to this post?
  12. What did she say to him, exactly? How do you call someone out without accusing them? So he was walking his dog on the sidewalk next to our house and she happened to be come home and when she got out of the car she said "hi" and then said "you're dog is very handsome" or something to that effect. Then she hits him with something along the lines of "I suppose I don't have to worry about you picking up after him when you're walking him". He of course said that she didn't. He knew she knew it was him that was doing it yet she never had to directly confront the guy, especially when the dog wasn't doing it in front of her. But she did have a pretty good idea it was him and his dog. And considering we've had no more shit piles in our yard, she was right.
  13. my wife called out the local guy that let's his dog shit in other people's yards without actually accusing him of it and we've had none in our yard since..........she was brilliant.......
  14. Xanadu (and you're right, I'm not even trying when I get "X")
  15. krab (get that fake shit outta here)
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