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What's the STUPIDEST band you like?


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Steel Panther




Tenacious D


They Might Be Giants


Electric Six


Flight of the Conchords




Bloodhound Gang


I've been such a huge Ween kick lately. I'd never paid too much attention because I thought they were just a jokey "stupid" band. Then I heard "Ocean Man" at the end of the Sponge Bob movie and started to explore and am now a huge fan. Quebec especially just blows me away. They are anything but stupid actually, they are brilliant. It's hard to find one example but this one from Quebec will do (I thought of "Zoloft" or Tried and True" also):



Great track from White Pepper...

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One of the songs I find myself wandering around singing more than most. My wife does too. It`s not stupid though... it`s awesome.




Billy Mummy from Lost in Space! :) This video was shown all the time in the early days of MTV. Anyway, glad to know Will Robinson made if back safely.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers are anything but stupid.


You could make a case for their earlier songs before they matured. Keidis still has some embarrassing rhymes, though.


"MGM and the lions roar." :facepalm:


Moments of greatness and cringe even later on.

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Had a bit of a crush on Brett Anderson when this came out.

I always kinda liked them though not hugely by any stretch. Saw them once as part of Lollapalooza and they were fun.

Stupid? Nah, not to me but maybe to other folks.

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