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Different songs, same name

Jack Aubrey

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I'll start with the most obvious one:


Xanadu, Rush and Olivia Newton-John.


Here's a bonus:


All Night Long, Joe Walsh and Lionel Ritchie.


Your turn.

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Speed Of Sound by Coldplay and Pearl Jam

Young Lust by Pink Floyd and Aerosmith

Fantastic Voyage by David Bowie and Coolio

Love Song by The Cure and Tesla - Both came out the same year.

Joyride by The Killers and Roxette

Thank You by Led Zeppelin and Boys II Men

Tomorrow Never Knows by Beatles and Springsteen

A Girl Like You by Edwin Collins and Smithereens

Without You by Motley Crue and Harry Nilsson

One Step Closer by Linkin Park and U2

Low by Cracker and R.E.M.

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Not quite this...but at one point all three of these songs were on my iPod:


Tonight - Kings Of Leon

Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Genesis



bit redundant.

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