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3 Songs You want to hear LIVE


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QUOTE (presto123 @ Sep 15 2012, 08:43 PM)
QUOTE (apetersvt @ Sep 15 2012, 08:41 PM)
The Necromancer
The Fountain Of Lamneth

either that or some shitty songs from PoW

There are no shitty songs from PoW. no.gif

Hell no there aren't any shitty songs from PoW! Keyboard heavy doesn't equate bad! Some of Geddy's best bass work is on that album.


And if they play a full version of any of those 3 songs, I'll buy you a ticket to see it!

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From the 70's:


Jacobs Ladder




From the 80's:


Losing It

Available Light

Open Secret


From the 90s:


Cut to the Chase

Cold Fire

Test For Echo


From 00's and beyond:


Vapor Trails


Clockwork Angels (Entire)


2.gif 1022.gif 2.gif

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Hand Over Fist

Test For Echo

Everyday Glory


As much as i love the 70s Rush, I feel as though the 90s music hasnt really seen as much time in the limelight (no pu) as it deserves. Presto is what i was first jammin' out to when i was introduced to the bad, followed by T4E as a birthday gift. I hope to hear one before they close shop


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Cinderella Man

A Farewell to Kings

Cut to the Chase


Another three...


The Weapon

Fly by Night

Jacob's Ladder


Another three...


The Fountain of Lamneth

Kid Gloves

Alien Shore


Another three...


Bastille Day

Between the Sun and Moon



Another three...


The Trees

Turn the Page



Another three...


Twilight Zone

Vapor Trail

Ceiling Unlimited




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