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  1. Nick and Rick did both play on A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, but both had to be helped along as they were very rusty. Dave Gilmour said both of them were back to top form towards the end of the tour. Pumped for the new album.
  2. http://www.muzu.tv/yes/in-a-world-of-our-own-lyrics-video-music-video/2265211/ The new stuff is just about out of the gate. There have been plenty of previews, but here is an entire song. It isn't the worst thing I've ever heard, but is way to the softer side of Yes for sure. I already pre-ordered the album so I guess my collection will be complete. Hurm... attempting to reserve judgement until I hear the entire thing, but the new guy puts too many words in the songs
  3. I read that at one point they were ending the song on the quiet part where they sing they "two million people barely satisfied" and it would fade out with the "I get up, I get down" phrase, but the song was way too short to fill an album side so the bombastic part towards the end that does ultimately end the song was from an earlier version. They thought that when they spliced the new ending on that it was so obvious the record company would know and complain, but no one ever noticed. It blows my mind that they did it all while touring and with analog tape and God knows how many drugs. Producer and engineer Eddy Offord was on heroin. They had talent and ambitious ideas, but the vision came from Jon Anderson and that is what they could still benefit from. I'm still a fan of Fly From Here and the new album sounds promising, but I hope Jon Anderson returns after these 60ish and 70ish grown flipping men bury the hatchet and get it together.
  4. The Drama cover is a big winner. The last few Asia covers just plain suck, but Gravitas is really nice. The music...? Naw. The new Yes cover is fine, but a step down from Fly From Here. The snow (or is it frost?) on one side of the tree looks like a poorly executed afterthought. I do like the background as it harkens back to Fragile, Close To The Edge and Yessongs.
  5. Thanks! I noticed it's mostly guys playing lately so here's one for the ladies. Y'all let 'em know. http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/drbirdsong/imagejpg1-1.jpg
  6. Roger Dean is not wowing me these days, but the new cover has some of the classic qualities to it... http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/drbirdsong/HeavenAndEarth.jpg
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven_%26_Earth_%28Yes_album%29 I was reluctant, but this band could be over any day now so I got tickets and preordered the album. I may be the only one willing to admit I liked Fly From Here so l don't care, bring on the Yes. I really hope they get Jon Anderson back for a final tour, but I'll go see Howe, Squire and White play with whomever as long as they want to tour.
  8. We are mostly adults here, and the song is fairly tame by today's standards so why not?
  9. I just finished it as well. I can't imagine the agony of waiting week to week and then months for it start again LIKE I AM DOING WITH THE WALKING DEAD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! er anyway I think it is one of the best series this country had produced. Amazing. Well written. Brilliant. It was just so consistantly even and kept going further and further up in quality and man o man the continutity was just solid and Yeah Baby, what a show. Vince Gilligan came off the X-Files knowing how a show should be done and took it to the next level. Good on him. I am debating about watching "Better Call Saul" but I'll probably DVR the thing.
  10. First of all you may be able to put them in the washer on the most gentle cycle you can find with NO agitation and let them air dry, but even that is a risk. Second, I never had one and that may be where all my problems come from so I will be blaming my parents in person the next time I see them. I do have my congratulations on graduating from high school note that Ronald Reagan sent me, but it doesn't give me that Teddy Bear feeling. :(
  11. I've been working A LOT lately and was just catching up with the news about the Santa Monica, California shooting and reading some comments from the witnesses. It all sounded so "facebook-ish". I wonder how many of the victims had their noses buried in their phones when the lead started flying. No judgements, it's just the time we live in, but man, when some lunatic starts shooting I don't plan to reach for my phone.
  12. I have often thought that Art Blakey was the original seed for what became the heavy or even heavy metal drumming style. I hear it in John Bonham's playing and I wonder if Bonham ever heard him at all. I know Neil Peart heard Max Roach, but that is a different style altogether. http://youtu.be/AiMzjPX3D_w The man does not use sticks he uses logs.
  13. I found this forum during a search for Rush bootlegs and had to join to get into the Different Stages section. My first post was a thank you and a request for some boot or other I was looking for and then I started reading the rest of the forum and saw what cooky fun place this really is.
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