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    2007 (W. Palm, Tampa)
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    I can't pick one
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    Moving Pictures.. i'm such a cliche
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    2007 S&A tour, W. Palm beach, completely lucked out on ticketmaster and got 4th ROW right in front of Alex.
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    Thunder, Great White, Europe
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    air bass :)
  1. What You're Doing. The ATWAS performance :haz: ... do some neck stretches first :D Honorable mention: Something For Nothing Anthem 7COG
  2. I love Counterparts, but T4E not so much. T4E has a great opening 1-2 punch with Test For Echo and Driven, but after that too many songs sound too similar: Half the World/Color Of Right/Dog Years/Carve Away The Stone may as well be the same song with somebody switching the lyric sheets out. Limbo was an instrumental letdown after Cp's classic LTTA. On the plus side are Time and Motion, Resist, and yes I even like Virtuality. T4E would be a decent album for most bands, but in the :rush: discography, it is near the bottom.
  3. Yes. It wouldn't make my top 50 Rush tunes list, but I like it.
  4. Fixed :P Now if you really want to see a backlash, say something like, "Caress of Steel is 5 minutes of great, 5 minutes of good, and 30+ minutes of " Trust me, the effect on the CoS worshippers is Pavlovian... complete with frothing at the keyboard
  5. Loved each of them from the first listen. I dig all of Presto and CA (except for The Garden... speaking of unpopular opinions :D )
  6. Absolutely a HELL YES!! The biggest surprise was hearing them kill it on What You're Doing. Never, EVER thought I'd hear a non-Working Man song from the debut again.
  7. I'd have been happy to hear Driven or T4E, but I'm not sure what I'd take out of this killer setlist(s) to make room for one. It's the loser in the numbers game.
  8. :sigh: Wrong again, as the "I hate everything after MP" crowd usually is when thinking their opinion is the only one. I'll take R40 from row 16 thank you: 30+ minutes more music Video production Killer setlist. Beneath Between and Behind, Broon's Bane, In The End and In the Mood are all weaker songs to me than anything on R40. Plus getting Presentation and What You're Doing on R40 is the knockout punch. MP is an excellent set... but R40 is better :D-13:
  9. St. Paul his voice was great... except for not even trying on "Anthem". Can't believe I'm saying this, but they should have left Anthem out and played Lakeside Park/What You're Doing/Working Man at full length. That would have been (even more) killer.
  10. I've made no secrets of anything :madra: I'll happily :7up: with any of these songs: Superconductor Everything else on Presto anyone is silly enough to dislike :cheerleader: Red Lenses Body Electric High Water You Bet Your Life Neurotica The Speed Of Love Nobody's Hero The Larger Bowl Wish Them Well In the not exactly immortal words of Cinderella, "If you don't like it, I don't care" :D
  11. If they finished with the Garden, I'd have beaten the traffic by walking out 7 minutes early. Shame they ended their best album in 20+ years with their most boring song since Heresy. I have to say I loved the reverse chronology setlist, Working Man was the best way to end it. They just should have played the whole 7+ minutes of instead of barely 5.
  12. The way I look at it is that Neil could have retired for good back in 1998... before I'd had the chance to see them. So because they returned in 2002, I've been able to see 6 tours for a total of 11 shows. I just can't be sad yet with that show still ringing through my brain ... I never, EVER thought they'd play What You're Doing live again . When I broke down and peeked at the Lincoln setlist and saw that, I was practically praying for 2 days that it wouldn't get alternated out for St. Paul. And bringing back TMMB, OLV and NatSci (all last seen on S&A) was like Rush had read my post history . So maybe you can be happy that you were there to hear THIS: :7up: :haz: :banana:
  13. :nya nya: They probably figured that if they stayed in St. Louis too long the tour bus would get stolen :outtahere:
  14. Thank you! Just downloaded :D-13: This should trigger some nice memories of Tuesday night in the 16th row :7up: :haz: :7up: :rush: There's some video clips up on Youtube now too, but not the whole show in one shot.
  15. If you just joined (like I did), you start as a "Guest" and can't download yet. You have to email their mods a request for promotion (which I think I just did) which could take a couple days for a response. click on the linked word "moderators" here: http://www.dimeadozen.org/extras-contact.php
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