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    HYF RTB S&A T4 Presto GuP PoW VT
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    08 in ABQ NM... Still is..
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    Jethro Tull, WHO, Cream, Doors, BB, Alvin and so many.
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  1. :o Dang.. It'll be 10 years for me on April 20th of this year.. :7up: :rush: :smoke: :cheers: Cheers to all the 10 yearers...
  2. Willie Nelson - Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die :smoke: :7up: :smoke: :7up: :smoke:
  3. :codger: HEY.. Spark One!!!. It's 420.. :smoke: Hope you all are well and healthy... Spark, Puff............ Pass. You know the drill... :hi:
  4. You could always have a certain amount for many years. Along with a minimum of plants in your home. Now the stores are popping up around town since its legal. BTW, its Anchorage. :P :hi: Hey Old Guy.... :P :smoke: How you been? Doing good here, beat the Cancer.... :7up: Now maintain balance.. Has been spring all winter here with rain snow mix and fog.. YUCK.. Need SNOW! Looks like you all are about the same as us here in Colorado, we can have 6 plants each and 3 flowering at a time per person... It's time that the entire country goes Green! :smoke: Stay Healthy...... Spark, Puff...................... Pass............ ;)
  5. Moosehead is good for me, and a bong... :smoke: Funny, but why is Jethro Tull connected to marijuana in this thread? I've been a big fan of JT ever since I heard the song Bouree in the late '60s. Never heard about them so connected with weed and such. I didn't even know the experience of weed until '76, about A month and a half before I graduated High school....did I miss something? The only album I never bought was the M.U. album... http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j223/OldRUSHfan/Banana%20World/banana%20splatTTTT.gif The only Tull reference I've seen here is "Tull Skull", whom I assume is a fan of both Tull and the 4:20 timeframe. Didn't do any puffin' in high school as I just wanted to graduate and get the f--k out of there! :D But now I am a man of leisure. I have the suit to prove it: http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/furley.jpg :smoke: and so right you are, a 420Tull fan since Stand Up, first show was Aqualung at the Forum in LA.... by the way.. Nice suit you got there.. :7up:
  6. Moosehead is good for me, and a bong... :smoke: Moosehead! awesome! http://orig04.deviantart.net/de7b/f/2010/239/d/c/stoner_moose_by_shelbysnowstorm.png :codger: If I can't get Moosehead then I reach for Molson Canadian... :cheers: :smoke:
  7. YES.. :7up: Massachusetts, California, Nevada and Maine all join in with Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington and DC for recreational use.. While North Dakota, Arkansas, Montana, and Florida also voted to legalize cannabis, but only for medical use. Now we need the remaining 22 states to pull their heads out of their asses and do the same.. Start to move forward.. :dweez: :smoke:
  8. Moosehead is good for me, and a bong... :smoke:
  9. How is that working for you? It's okay. Makes me feel better. :codger: and that's it.. Feeling better without the Big Pharma doing more harm, tho it is a synthetic form of Delta-9 THC, to bad you can't get the real thing. One of my good friends daughter deals with that and the edibles and the oil help her a lot with the pain and eating and just being, as does the evening :smoke: tokes.. Be Well.. :smoke:
  10. How is that working for you?
  11. Spark Puff... Pass........... It's always 420 some where.. :smoke: :7up:
  12. :codger: Have a Fun and Safe 4th here in the US.... :martini: :digi: :hail: :givebeer: :cheers: and Remember Drinking and Driving or Boating :smoke:
  13. Nice... :smoke: :hi: Hope all is well!! :ebert: Dude, that sh** was fu**** up. :smoke: :smoke: :P :cheers: Doing good here, beating the Cancer Into the ground.. :smoke: Best kind to burn is that Good Stuff.. :codger: Hope things a good there..
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