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  1. Yes, I was going to start a thread for them if I hadn't seen one already. :P Their new album Superstition is pretty good! Interesting enough, the singer Chibi took notice of my Rush shirt when I met them during the meet and greet two weeks ago. We had a brief sing-along to the chorus "Subdivisions" before and after the show. :) It was amazing!
  2. I never came across a dickhead security guard ever out of all the ~100 concerts I've been to. Maybe I'm not doing concerts right???
  3. I love The Birthday Massacre. "Holiday" is my favorite song from them, and Walking with Strangers is my favorite album by them. I just saw them when they came to town a few weeks ago. Definitely one of the best concerts I've been to ever.
  4. And now I present to you: Tina's groans
  5. I'm probably the only person here who's a fan of this show. (I hope not) But I love the humor in this show. :) It's natural and original, unlike most animated sitcoms nowadays.
  6. The only major flaw I see in T4E are the lyrics. :P Other than that, it's a pretty solid album.
  7. This is really awesome. I envy you! I've only been so close to seeing the drivers from the stands at 'Dega in '05 and '10.
  8. Awww...yer just saying that because I love your Dog's pic No, I'm just saying that because I was gullible enough to click on the link.
  9. That would be interesting to see happen, especially in this decade. :P
  10. Here's an article I came across about someone claiming why Rush and Terry Brown will have a nice little family reunion in the studio. ;) It's interesting, now that I think of the possibilities. http://rushvault.com/2013/10/16/why-rush-and-terry-brown-will-reunite-for-another-album/#pd_a_7480680
  11. hm... I wouldn't mind if it were to be another concept album. Either way, it's still too early for me to anticipate a new Rush album; I'll wait until 2015.
  12. He said "diabetus"... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-c43NEv-7Y7k/UL4pTQO5laI/AAAAAAAADWk/RnbHYVXbFXk/s1600/Wilford+Brimley_.jpg
  13. What's this Vapor Trails remix you Rushians have been speaking of?
  14. I prefer the VT Remixed version. To those who no likey:
  15. This thread has me starting up my Beatles kick again.
  16. Yes, I will most definitely trade out the bad copy with the good copy. ;) What I will do to the original Vapor Trails disk: Throw it down onto the hard concrete outside Pour a crap load of lighter fluid on the damned thing Light it up!!! Go back inside Pop that fresh, new remix CD in the player Jam out :haz:
  17. It made a hell of a lot more progress up the list than I had anticipated!
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