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  1. There will be no more live Rush, but I hope they at least record a few last songs together, even if Neil just plays congas and other light percussion. Damn, I wish the classic Genesis would do the same....
  2. Thank you, FOH, for posting. I really feel bad for Geddy and Alex as I'm sure they don't feel "done". At least, they'll always be close friends, and no doubt will get together to jam...
  3. I don't understand any hate for this song, but that's just my opinion. I think it's cool that Al did the high bass pedal parts in the pre~chorus part, live at least.
  4. Most published rock music books are not exactly transcribed as the musicians played them, but a general push in the right direction. If you are a budding guitarist, you have to learn that there are many different ways to play the same chords and scales all over the neck. I recommend getting "Fretboard Logic SE The Reasoning Behind The Guitar's Unique Tuning + Chords Scales and Arpeggios Complete" ISBN 0-9624770-6-0 :)
  5. http://i1075.photobucket.com/albums/w428/rushon1/Rush%20R40%20Tampa%205_2015%20380_zpsdyp1xxag.jpg
  6. I wonder how Neil would feel if his little daughter says, "Daddy, I want to see you play with Uncle Ged and Uncle Al again!" :)
  7. I've only got ONE complaint, and it's that they dropped the awesome melodic riff in the outro of Xanadu that Geddy played on guitar for the R~40 version...ESPECIALLY because it was not captured on the ESL video, dammit! Other than that, I have nothing to complain about. :)
  8. Rocking out on stage is no way like dancing in my experience. I can't help but move about on stage and rock and Jig with the beat, it's helpful actually.... I can't dance to save my life; two left feet, not happening! What a great question to ask Ged, given the opportunity!
  9. There are Seagulls recorded on "No~One At The Bridge", and "Natural Science". They deserve the recognition for their efforts, as do the English House Sparrows from the original and ESL versions of "Xanadu"; of which the birds are not yet identified whom now grace the intro of the now 2015 R~40 version of said song... :D
  10. No Way these guys call it a day! They were on fire tonight!!! :dweez:
  11. I think Neil was influenced by The Carpet Crawlers by Genesis from the lyrics..."Like the forest fight for sunlight that takes root in every tree They are pulled up by the magnet believing they're free", imo.
  12. This audio loss is widespread. I hope a cure is found soon.
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