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    October 20, 2012 - Clockwork Angels Tour - Prudential Center in Newark, NJ
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    Red Barchetta
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    Power Windows
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    Front row in front of Alex at Hershey Stadium on the Snakes & Arrows tour in July of 2008.
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    Van Halen
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  1. I heard it is Les Claypool....not sure if that is right though....
  2. damn it just ended I'll try and find another.. Here is one.... https://www.periscope.tv/w/aI1upzIwMTYyNDd8NTIwMjk4NzRjrQCOQ3CXWfIjT-KdhCMqaSmqBkA5knZvEz1_pf-z8g==
  3. No...expect them to start about 15 minutes after the official start time.
  4. I thought I read somewhere on these forums that Geddy was sporting a Chris Squire t shirt last night (MSG of course). Did anyone happen to notice that? If so, that would be really cool.
  5. Let the videos begin.... :)
  6. You are correct, GREAT is an understatement. The last two shows, NJ & MSG, are the absolute best two shows I have seen, by any band.
  7. Yes there is....enjoy!!!
  8. I agree 100% with ya!!! I just came down off of that "high" from that show this morning. Really itching to see them again...maybe I can score a reasonable ticket for MSG tonight???
  9. Unbelievably good show last night. Of the 25 shows I have seen since the Power Windows tour, this was the best by far. If this is the last time I ever get to see them (and I hope it isn't), I'm one happy camper!!!
  10. Thanks for that!!! Absolutely wonderful night in Newark last night!!!
  11. Oh I hear you, that beginning always gives me the chills...and maybe just a tiny bit of that "eye watering".
  12. Wonder if Newark is getting set list A or D??? Just glad to be going tomorrow night!!! :)
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