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  1. I discovered the band I was 13. Neil's playing drove me to practice, dig in, and helped me to gain the confidence in playing to pursue music. He taught me how to practice. Fast forward almost 20 years where I am now a music educator with a thriving program full of young high school musicians. Thank you Neil for everything. You were an inspiration.
  2. It's a remastered version of Exit Stage Left.
  3. After watching most of R40 now, I disagree with my previous post. Ged doesn't need a new vocal coach, he's doing just fine for his age. He just needs to stop breaking into notes, and sing a little more crisp on ends of notes here and there. I enjoyed How It Is a lot, singing was strong.
  4. Having just watched the show, I certainly think it's a step above CA tour vocally. I certainly enjoyed listening to How It Is except when Ged decides to break into singing a vocal note (that sharp, breaking sound)
  5. Preface: I hold a degree in vocal performance, and am a full-time choral director. Good: Geddy is holding up relatively well, considering that he may be suffering from vocal atrophy. Essentially the cells in his voice box, and muscular area are weakining, or may be damaged. Bad: Geddy sings as if he is young, and he needs to sing as if he is older. I'm not sure if he has worked with a vocal coach in recent times, but a few examples below will illustrate what i'm saying. 1. His middle/upper tessitura shouldn't sustain long notes anymore. Currently he holds out notes, and sings with that slower 'old person' vibrato. That needs to stop. He needs crisper ends of notes. He needs to pop the word, and decay. He lacks breath support as well since he's trying to sing all the way through the phrase. One example: NOW "A modern day warriorrrrrr mean mean striiiiihhhde, today's tom sawyer mean mean priiiihde"- OR or "catch the MISSSSTT" or "catch the DRRRIIIFFFT"=no, sounds weaker and exposes all of his vocal weaknesses Change it to. (commas=breath) "A modern day warrior mean mean stride, today's tom sawyer, mean mean pride"-make ends of words in the text shorter, crisper 2. He MUST stop breaking into notes. Just listen to anything past Snakes and Arrows live, he breaks his voice into notes which can weaken his voice. 3. Any unneeded vocal 'noise' needs to stop. (Spirit of Radio in chorus, "oh yeahhh!", etc) 4. His intonation (tuning) isn't as accurate as it can be, because his voice is weak from doing all of the above. Listen to the intro of TS on Clockwork Angels, he is an entire half-step low on the opening lines. So yes, he's singing out of tune in small places here and there. He is NOT tone deaf at all. He is older, but he needs to take some vocal coaching. If he has one, he needs to find a new one. The last time I met him (CW tour) he barley spoke, saving his voice for the show. I'll enjoy him until the end, but he's getting older. That's OK with me.
  6. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aHxZxDYzMDgwNjV8NDMyNzgwNjWUqtrF4Zxc6XXat01UR-80d7WHqgWdEwuQ1CeVnmC5Wg==
  7. I was front row Al's side lower bowl for Detroit, and everyone stood. What a great show it was!
  8. Keep close eye on TM all day, they have been adding day of show tix for most shows so far to help out fans. . I've been watching for days. Some decent ones came up....but I'm waiting for the big catch. Great seats will come up sometime this morning or early afternoon I believe.
  9. I'm one who is waiting: either for dream tix on Ticketmaster or for cheap scalper tickets.
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