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07 - Best Song From Permanent Waves


What do you think is the best song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best song from this album?

    • The Spirit of Radio
    • Freewill
    • Jacob's Ladder
    • Entre Nous
    • Different Strings
    • Natural Science

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Love em all, but have been very partial to Different Strings lately. I just wish it was a little longer...seems like it needs another verse to me.
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I love that N.S. is winning. So I have a good story about that song. Perhaps 10 years ago I paid MONEY for Rush bootlegs for the first and last time. One was a craptacular copy of the second (December) 1974 Cleveland show; the other was one of those 8 zillion releases of the '80 Kiel Auditorium (St. Louis) show that was radio-broadcast, and that one I bought because - and this was VERY shortly before VT came out - I thought I would never hear my favorite song at that time, Natural Science, live. wacko.gif Now of course I have seen it performed 3 times. I always think I'll tell Ged that story if I meet him, because he once said of bootleg selling before you could free-download them easily, "I hate it. I think it is evil. I think it is theft."
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Great album. So hard to choose but I must go with Natural Science. It is such a perfect Prog rock song: different times and movements with great lyrics... I could listen to it over and over -- wait! I HAVE listened to it over and over! laugh.gif
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