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  1. Yes, welcome to TRF tewills...Can't wait to hear what you got!
  2. flybyknight

    RUSH on MNF!?

    I don't think I want Rush to be popular...Ok I think the getting of the recognition they deserve is overdue but I always thought of them as the music biz's best kept secret and want to keep it that way. As long as the general populous don't understand them I'm happy with that!
  3. Maybe it's cos their setup is not as 'poppy' these days?
  4. I don't get the fuss over vinyl versions of Rush recordings, unless of course they are pre Moving Pictures and sourced from an analog master!
  5. Mid 80s for me, although I do remember hearing 2112 in my mates house when I was about 6 or 7, his brothers were in to Judas Priest & AC/DC etc, but Geddys voice stood out in my memory from that time. Later when I was properly introduced to Rush I remembered hearing Overture/Temples of Syrinx all those years ago
  6. flybyknight


    What does it go like?
  7. Without a doubt it would be Roll The Bones and everything after T4E is substandard, with exception to the Hammersmith disk on Different Stages, hope Clockwork Angels remedies this!
  8. QUOTE (jnoble @ Dec 2 2010, 10:42 PM) There was a huge glitch in the majority of S&As that caused most of it to sound really slow, plodding, hookless, and boring. So it's not just me who thinks this then?
  9. This has got one awesome guitar solo from Alex on it (pity he is not in the video like on Gowans Lost Brotherhood). The solo is not short either! PS nearly forgot, it is Greenway and the song is In The Danger Zone. Enjoy Stop Press.... Platinum Blonde Crying Over You (again no Alex in Video). Couldn't find Holy Water from this album on Youtube (Alex also plays on that).
  10. Well he certainly doesn't hate catholics as he went to a catholic church in Mexico on the anniversary of his daughter Selinas death. (I read that in his Ghostrider book).
  11. Yeah, but Rush ARE Rush, sometimes the path they choose isn't everyones cup of tea but at least they are still experimenting!
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