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  1. Great list. THE DUDE of course . When I first saw Lebowski , I didn't realize that it was a box office bomb. I loved it. What about Milton or Micheal Bolton from Office Space.
  2. Skyfall,, I thought Pierce was a great Bond but suffered from horrible scripts. He started off strong with Goldeneye , which was my favorite movie till Skyfall. But the other three were ridiculous.. Most of the films are entertaining.
  3. Wow ,,, I was listening to it last night while I was eating dinner. What a coincidence .. I love it .. I am one of the few that thought Presto was a step back. It is great to listen to at night when you are trying to wind down. Time stand Still-- (Time stand still) I'm not looking back But I want to look around me now (Time stand still) See more of the people and the places that surround me now Time stand still Read more: Rush - Time Stand Still Lyrics | MetroLyrics By no means am I a old man but at this stage (34) years olds,, I can relate because time is flying by Happy Anniversery
  4. Oh man, I went and visited a Krav Maga gym a few weeks ago. I just don't think I can fit it in my schedule but I really want to!!! How long have you been teaching it? I have been teaching martial arts since 2002, Been involved in Martial artgs since 1996,,I started the Krav program at my gym two years ago.. Its well worth it sir, right now i am teaching the gun and knife defense
  5. How many episodes are left this season? It better pick up
  6. Does not bother me now get the feather and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :outtahere:
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG9YAHYe80I I love this song
  8. that was fun thank you :7up:
  9. Sometime around 2005 I was listening to Pandora, and MArathon came on,, Still in my top five fav Rush songs
  10. within 5 years, but at 34 I could date 10 years older or younger
  11. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about 97.1 The Eagle? Is that the classic hits station? It is pretty much 75% classic hits and 25% new modern rock songs, I think, along with talk shows like the Russ Martin Show. I live in Frisco,, 20 minutes north of Dallas,, 97.1 the Eagle plays Rush a ton,,, usually Limelight good economy,,,, VERY HOT,,,,great museums and plenty to do,,,, y by the way,, Rudys BBQ in Frisco,, Randy Whites BBQ is Good,,.the best i have had was Daddy Rexs in Anna Texas
  12. When you self-love as much as you claim to do it builds up calluses and creates an artificial "wait" time. Don't try to make your 13 seconds seem normal by pinning it on me. 13 seconds? that's three dips and a spritz. :LMAO: lol 2 pump chump
  13. I bought the rush Box set numbers 2 and 3,, has anyone had any problems loading CDs on Itunes lately?
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