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What's For Dinner?

The Owl

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Corned beef last evening. No surprise since it was 3/17. Turned out very good. Had spuds, carrots and onion with it. Do not much like cabbage (tho I love broccoli an d cauliflower so go figure) so we didn't include any.
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Pizza. The go-to comfort food? I love it.


We had friends over last night and made pizza from a class recipe we took a few years back.


When the dough is rolled out, brush it with flavoured olive oil instead of red sauce.

Start with fontina and provolone cheese.

Put on shrimp (thinly long-sliced in half and chopped, and lobster tail chopped up - not from a can), or spicy sausage, anything from the bowls of caramelised onions, roasted red peppers, etc.

This time I slow cooked a rack of spiced ribs to be fall off the bone, pulled the meat apart and made it an extra choice of pizza topping.


Am I bragging? Yup, a bit. But it was really fun and the different ingredients made it even more fun, Martinis and Manhattans and perhaps more wine than pizza building needs, but we survived!

Pizza. A top ten choice any day, anywhere!

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High School Rodeo Club fundraiser dinner, so it was chicken and tri-tip, Chuck wagon beans, garlic bread, and green salad.  


Full as a tick right now

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