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  1. Just two minutes from this thread. The manager Mr. 73, will be pleased to welcome you and introduce you to a wide variety of
  2. I see, and which prize do you have particular eyes on this evening?
  3. Bad luck, Nice to have you on the show. And now here are the scores...
  4. I'm sorry about that. Now the second architect is Mr. Wymer of Wymer and Dibble.
  5. Oh Um, I - look, if we built this large wooden owl...
  6. You must tie her down on a bed and spank her. And after the spanking...
  7. Who sent you? She didn't have a dueling scar just here, and a hook?
  8. Devils 3 Hawks 0 Another example of incompetence. 7-14-4
  9. Oh, well so far Peter, up to the present moment, oh, nearly one.
  10. Yeah. So, we're...we're...we're looking for it. We have been for some time. So, uh, anything you could do to, uh...to help...would be...very...helpful.
  11. My hopes for Holland, Croatia, England and Morocco to reach the semifinals. England-Holland final.
  12. Hello, officer. There seems to have been an accident. We'll several accidents actually.
  13. What the hell do these fans want Ronaldo to come in for? With him starting, it would probably be a 2-1 game right now.
  14. I don't understand all these praises for Morocco from the 'experts'. If that had been Poland, it would've, in fact it was called anti-football.
  15. Simon, goalkeeper who I'm sure doesn't even know of the existence of Rush, will be the death of Spain.
  16. He's slamming away there as best he can. He's getting absolutely no reaction at all.
  17. Hello, good afternoon and welcome to the second leg of the men's Hide-and-Seek here in the heart of TRF.
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