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  1. Gotta love Kirk...not just because of his name.
  2. Lazarus's box... no, it was Pandora's box, wasn't it?
  3. And he's got as many rings as Kane and Toews. At least we stopped him in 2015.
  4. I'll throw that in and a fiver for the briefcase and the umbrella.
  5. He cut eighteen inches off each arm and over three feet off each leg.
  6. The ballet's coming here? Oh, that's great. We love the ballet. Last year some of us from Yellow River got a party to go see the ballet in Montreal.
  7. Babysitter? I don't want a babysitter. Be a blood donor, that's it.
  8. All right, I'll be Rhyta: 'What about McKinnon getting high-sticked before the goal?'
  9. Crunchy Blends sweet butter salad with zesty Italian dressing.
  10. ...good? Now then, when did you first start finding it difficult to finish sentences?
  11. Look, to be frank, it is a little awkward this evening.
  12. I was thinking, if we got married...we could use the $5.000 to buy a spoon.
  13. Burakovsky, Nichushkin...will they be available for Avalanche tonight?
  14. They made it all the way to the Final, where they lost to bloody Barcelona...on penalties.
  15. You must place it here, only slightly higher so you get the two-level effect.
  16. Our handball team was like that this year. They would beat the main competition and then lose to a last place Romanian squad.
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