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KI$$ Dynasty May Be their Best Album

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On 1/8/2024 at 12:40 PM, Alex’s Amazing Arpeggios said:

🤔Yeah, I think I read years ago that 

Randy Rhoads for example was inspired 

by Ace 👍



Ace is/was cited by many as their premier guitar hero.


Dimebag Darrell

Paul Gilbert

Marty Friedman 


are just three big hitters I can name off the top of my head.

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This thread has inspired me to listen to 

Ace’s solos albums ! 👍🙂

🤔 To be fair to Ace I like his vocals as well as his guitar playing ! 
 He might not be of the same techical level 

 as say Luke when it comes to very top, top level 🎸 players who can also sing .. but he’s plenty good enough for me !


 Plus I’ve just down loaded and played loadsa times his brand, brand new Jan 2024 Single

’ 10,000 Volts ‘ very cool ! 😎

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I always think of Unmasked as Dynasty's kid brother and has some good tunes on it to my mind - easy as it seems and she's so european and fun listens to name a couple. (Plus it probably has one of if not the best cover of all Kiss's albums!)

Ok it Dynasty has the 2 biggies in 'I was made..' and 'Sure know something' plus 'hard times' but I'm can't remember the rest of the album being as engaging. 


Still both worth a listen if you have a passing interest in KISS (whether Ace was involved in them or not!).


Now I'm off to listen to that other underrated gem 'The Elder'.......

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I actually consider Dynasty to be the last true KISS Klassic. Most think of the debut through Love Gun as their classic run, but Dynasty is just as good if not better than a couple of the first six albums in my book. 

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