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Battle of the Album Sides: Volume 3

The Owl

What is the superior side on Rush's "Permanent Waves"?  

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  1. 1. What is the superior side on Rush's "Permanent Waves"?

    • Side 1
    • Side 2

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If you are a regular in the MOTS section, you will have seen that I have started doing weekly polls over there comparing and contrasting famous album sides in the form of a poll... Week 1 was "Sgt.Pepper" by the Beatles, and last week was Pink Floyd's "The Wall"



This week however I wanted to go with a Rush album... and which is why I am posting this weeks "Battle of the Album sides" over here in the Main Forum....




So this week on the chopping block is Side 1 vs Side 2 of Rush's 7th studio album... "Permanent Waves"



- Side 1:


The Spirit of Radio

Free Will

Jacob's Ladder







- Side 2


Entra Nous

Different Strings

Natural Science




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This is VERY HARD to choose.... All tracks are stellar, both sides score a 10 in my book...


But I have to go with Side 2, just because of Natural Science... which is IMO (while not my personal favorite Rush song) the "Best" rush song out there..



Side 2 gets my vote.... but I feel I am cheating on the SoR/Freewill combo by doning so.... probably the best 2 consecutive songs on any Rush album.

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side two...


I like entre nous a lot but don't care for it much.

Different Strings though is quite moving, though not as much as some other stuff I hear...

but these two alone are pretty great, and with the addition of







This album side is an 11.

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QUOTE (The Owl @ May 1 2011, 10:38 PM)
QUOTE (Docmilsap @ May 1 2011, 04:35 PM)
Side 1 for me but ye couldnae fit a rizla between them to be honest! cool.gif


Simple really......they're so close you could hardly squeeze a rizla (cigarette paper) between them cool10.gif

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Ughhh, why did you have to use PeW!?!?


This is hard for me, as I really love this album. But I'll have to go with side two. JL kinda pulls me away from side one. The only song that almost makes me lose hope in the entire album is DS, but I can easily sit through it without being bothered too much. So yes, side two it is!

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What a bunch of fanbois...where's the choice of neither?




Had to go with side 2, but it kills me to go against the greatness that is TSOR, Freewill, and Jacob's Ladder.

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QUOTE (The Owl @ May 1 2011, 02:51 PM)
the SoR/Freewill combo.... probably the best 2 consecutive songs on any Rush album.

I tend to agree with that. And Jacob's Ladder is no slouch either. Side 1 it is.

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Why PeW? This is so hard.


Side 1 has TSoR, one of my all time favorite Rush songs. I mean, that riff... Freewill has one of the best instumental sections of any song ever written. And then..... there's Jacob's Ladder. Good song, just I would NEVER say, "Oh, I'm going to listen to JL." It just doesn't have that appeal.


Side 2 has Entre Nous, Different Strings, and NatSci. Entre Nous is catchy, and the verses just rock. Not the best song ever, but it has more appeal than JL. And then.... there's Different Strings, one the greatest slow songs ever written! yes.gif Why do people hate this song? It's just so beautiful... wub.gif And a sweet Lerxst solo to boot. I fall asleep to Different Strings every night. If it wasn't for this song, Side 1 probably would have won. Natural Science is a great closer, and has been talked about before. Hyperspace is the best section, with Permanent Waves weighing in with killer lyrics. Love the nature sounds at the beginning/end. Great song to end an (almost) perfect album.


So, Side 2 it is.

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I picked PeW because it is one of the most balanced albums as far as sides go..


I mean if I put 2112 up there, it would be a no contest, side 1 would dominate... same thing with Hemispheres


If I put moving pictures up there it would be closer, but side 1 would still dominate..



AFTK might be an album that pops up on a future BOTAS we'll see.

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Very tough call. When it's this tough a call, it calls for creative decision making.


I'll take my least favorite song from both sides, and side of the album that has that song will lose.


Entre Nous is my least fave off PM, so I'm voting side 1. Too bad, because Natural Science is a beast.



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Side Two, Spirit of Radio is HORRIBLE in the studio (Vocals only, Geddy sounds like he's TALKING.) the same with Freewill, even though they really are the best 1-2 punch out in the history of recorded music, they are better live though.



Side Two has Natural Science. Enough said. I don't have the Vinyl so I don't know where SIDE 2 begins, I'll say with Entre Nous, possibly? If so, then it's a blast out of the Park.

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