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    Time Machine Tour...Glasgow
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    Too Many
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    the Best of RUSH...Thank You Alan Partridge
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    Being in the Glasgow Apollo in 1977 on Rush's first UK tour on the 2112 Tour. My First Gig and what a gig!! Then saw them in '78,79 & 80 & every UK tour since. Was also at the Apollo for the recording of Closer to the Heart in 1980 that made it onto Exit Stage Left.
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    The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
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  1. To be fair to Chris Shifflet, they probably only decided to do TS at the last minute and had a couple of quick run throughs at soundcheck so all in all he did a pretty decent job.......and Alex was anything but a slouch.
  2. They're only 70's in looks not manufacture. They'll be exactly same spec as Neil's usual kit.
  3. Don't know this singer but I can't understand the ill feeling towards him, surely the decision to not bring Jon Anderson back & give this guy the job was not his but Mr Howe, Mr White & (dare I say it) Mr Squire's.
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=fb&v=W8XVrpEiyOU
  5. I've just checked....it was 1981 & 1983
  6. 1977 (2112) tour - 1978 (AFTK's) tour - 1979 (Hemispheres) tour & 1980 (Permanent Waves) tour....All in the Glasgow Apollo 1981 or 2 (Moving Pictures) tour - 1983 or 4 (Signals) tour Both in the Ingilston highland showground.. My memory for the 80's dates is a bit faded lol
  7. Would the cameras not be for the screen footage during the show?
  8. If the solo was pre programmed & triggered then Neil would need to use a click track which he doesn't do.
  9. I love spoilers because if you avoid them and convince yourself they'll play a certain song or whatever and you've built yourself up and they don't then your gutted (a bit like wishing for a special Christmas present and not getting it) BUT if you find out they are playing certain songs then your excitement grows as the day of the show approaches, To get all bent out of shape, call a female a bitch and steal her drink is just acting like a spoilt child and very sad!!
  10. Superb job tapehead2 & I have to say the guy outshone Ben Mink
  11. Sorry if this has been posted before
  12. Neil used to follow a pretty similar format from show to show but has publicly stated that for the last few tours he has been more open to improvisation for large parts of his solos
  13. Maybe it's just the shirt is mum gave him when he got up why look for meanings that aint there
  14. I would go back without doubt. Having seen every UK tour since & inc 1977. I would take this tour over S&A's & CA's for sure.
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