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    1981 & 1986
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    La Villa Strangiato, YYZ, 2112 , Cygnus X-1, Hemispheres, The Camera Eye, Bytor, Natural Science, Jacob's Ladder....basically the extended prog rock and instrumental tracks.
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    75-81! love the 80s, 91-now=cool
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    My First Concert Ever Was Rush In Seattle June 18, 1981
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    Hmmm....60's: art rock, psychadelic rock, british rock....... 70's: hard rock, heavy metal, prog rock, arena rock, 70's pop.......80's NWOBHM, 80's thrash/speed metal, 80's pop rock
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    Air Guitar, Air Bass, Air Drums

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  1. I'd hafta guess various live renditions of 2112, either the whole epic or just Overture/Temples. Most played studio version? Probably YYZ.
  2. YYZ, Analog Kid, LVS (actually, anything off of Hemisheres). Also Cinderella Man, Digital Man, Enemy Within, Jacob's Ladder. Many more...
  3. wow, switch out Twilight Zone for Tears and you pretty much have the same exact list as me. scary.....
  4. "whatever you do, don't put a naked man on an album cover."
  5. A bunch of bands tied for 2nd favorite, such as: The Beatles, Maiden, JP, DLR era VH, Bon Scott era AC/DC, Deep Purple Mach 2, 70's Kiss, 70's ZZ Top, Joe Satriani, The Police, 80's Metallica, Dio, Sabbath, Ozzy, etc....
  6. i listened to a bunch of their stuff about a week ago. IMO they have quite a bit of sub-par filler type songs on each album, not really a great flow start to finish (with the exception of "Not Fragile"). But they have some great, great songs with some MONSTER riffs, and not just the radio songs. They certainly do not get enough love for how hard they rocked in that '73-'75 era when North American hard rock was in it's infancy.
  7. The Battle between Bytor and the Snow Dog, that 2 minute instrumental section before the mellow part they never play live.
  8. I am the most stubborn-headed 80's Metallica thrash fan out there but lately their mid-90's music has grown on me like a fungus (it only took like 18 years to grow on me). I hated Load & Reload for years and years until recently and I decided to give them one last chance, and I think I "get" it now. Garage Inc. DISC 1 is what helped me alot. I can't really get into anything from St. Anger on, but Death Magnetic sounds ok. Maybe in about 10 years I'll finally get into DM.
  9. I can relate to what GR'79 was saying. I have a truck that only has radio and once in a while I catch Spirit or Freewill or Fly By Night and it seems like Rush just stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the pack of songs you hear on the radio. I heard Freewill a few months ago on the radio and I was rockin' out during the solo so hard that I should've been pulled over for disturbing the peace. edit: I noticed after my post that I'm not sure if this was a thread about hearing Rush on the radio or how much Old Rush is better than New Rush.
  10. between the studio albums and the live albums, I'd say studio. I hardly ever listen to the live albums much anymore. I listen to Rush boots more than studio and live albums these days.
  11. In my day-to-day world i am the biggest Rush fan I know. I know a couple dudes who like Rush alot but not like I do. And then I tell them that I aint nowhere near obsessed like the Rush fans I meet on here. The Rush fandom I am exposed to on TRF keeps me humble. And informed.
  12. Are We Ourselves.....The Fixx Child Of Fire (Live In Tokyo '84).....Queensryche 24 Hours A Day.....Triumph God Of Thunder (demo).....Kiss The Sky Is Crying.....Stevie Ray Vaughan On The Run (Live Echoes In The Boston Gardens).....Pink Floyd Running To You.....The Cars Seasons.....Steve Miller Band Righteous.....Eric Johnson Freewheel Burning (Priest Live).....Judas Priest Too Bad.....Bad Company It's Only Money.....Thin Lizzy
  13. Love Different Strings but I don't think they will ever play it live. Like someone said earlier in the thread, it's a production song and was never really intended to be played live. What I'd love to hear is something, anything, from Caress Of Steel. :codger:
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