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    my kids, music (prog, metal, classical, trance, big band), soccer, books, history, bicycle riding, traveling

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    8 July 2013 in Ottawa, Canada
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    Red Sector A
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    Getting a pair of Neil´s drumsticks from his security guard Michael at the Berlin show on the CA tour (followed closely by getting a pair of Neil´s sticks at the Mannheim show on the S&A tour, and Geddy throwing me a tie-dye from his dryer in Stuttgart on the R30 tour)
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    Dream Theater, Vader, Slayer, Machine Head
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    drums, percussion, timpani
  1. And let's not forget how e strings ruined the older songs they played along to. They didn't bring anything fresh r new to the old songs, just screeches which made no positive impact on the songs
  2. So you are going to see their next tour, huh? Maybe. Maybe...? Why not ´´YES, OFCOURSE I AM!!! ITS RUSH WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE!!!!´´ ? She may not have the money, or the opportunity, to see them. Never heard of a joke? It didn't seem too much like a joke to me Then you must be sťupid for real... Wow, someone didn't learn any manners growing up...
  3. I think La Villa fits that description better than YYZ So do I. But I was referring to the fact that in the late 70's, Rush gave up on the long song format and remained concise through most of the subsequent albums. Hence why I thought YYZ would be the best concert closer. If I had to choose between the instrumentals, naturally I'd go for La Villa. But given that YYZ better encapsulates all that Rush have tried to be since the early 80's, I could better see them play that
  4. I can't see any deep cut like In the End being used....I have a feeling it will be the usual Tom Sawyer, YYZ or Working Man. Maybe with the little Cygnus quote, but I think they'll stick with something tried and tested as closer. My personal pick would have to be YYZ. it's just about three great musicians stretching the limits of their instruments, and perfectly encapsulates what Rush are about, and have been for many years.
  5. I had a blast at both shows. I really enjoyed S&A when it came out, and was very pleased to hear so many new songs live. Naturally, any Rush concert is going to exclude some favourites, but I enjoyed the set list overall. I feel the same way about the Time Machine tour. I personally loved that they brought back Stick It Out, that I got to hear Faithless live, and it was certainly interesting to see them work through Camera Eye. I really think the set lists are varied enough that it's quite difficult to choose between these two tours...for me, at least
  6. Now that I think of it, I cannot let it pass Woud mentioning the huge impact Metropolis Part 2 from Dream Theater had, and continues to have, on me. This record is simply perfect in terms of construction and production.
  7. No mater how often I hear the record, Dirt from Alice in Chains remains one of my all-time favourites. There is not one song of lesser quality on the album, and the music is so compelling. A close second would be Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction. For me, this is one of the ultimate "rock" albums.
  8. 5. Mystic Rhythms 4. Show Don't Tell 3. Time Stand Still 2. Lock and Key 1. Mission Honourable mention goes to: Grand Designs, The Pass, Middletown Dreams and Open Secrets
  9. Let it be noted that I really love the three albums referenced in my post. It is SO HARD to choose a top 5
  10. 5. Middletown Dreams 4. Mystic Rhythms 3. Between the wheels 2. Mission 1. Red Sector A Honourable mention goes to Grand Designs, Enemy Within, Open Secrets, Lock and Key and Time Stand Still
  11. I think the song should be swept under the carpet, and removed from any further pressings of the Test for Echo cd. Let's just pretend it never existed. And while we're at it, can we do the same for Tai Shan and Speed of Love?
  12. 5. Ghost of a Chance 4. Cut to the chase 3. Bravado 2. Double Agent 1. Animate Honourable mention goes to Dreamline, Driven, Time and Motion, Alien Shore and Nobody's Hero
  13. I am quite excited to see this footage, and already plan to sell my DVDs in order to fund the purchase of this box...after all, I still don't have the Time Machine discs, and have always wanted the R30 blu Ray with the extra songs. Of course, since I got the CAT limited edition box, those Blu Rays will be redundant, but what the heck!
  14. Grace under Pressure Farewell to Kings Clockwork Angels with Vapor Trails getting honourable mention
  15. I don't find the original boring at all. It is a rare bright point over the course of the album. The opening alone is one of the highlights of Presto, the fact that it takes a couple of bars for the ear to find the beat. And the bass solo is an absolute gem on the cd. I much prefer to listen to the original than the version from Different Stages. I have said in other topics that I wish they'd play this song on every tour!
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