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  1. added Gene Simmons - 6/9 Anderson,IN Never mind , it is! May try that one Is that at the casino? yep.
  2. added Gene Simmons - 6/9 Anderson,IN
  3. In Troy?? What is the venue for that one? Hobart Arena.
  4. So far. Queensryche - 5/6 Troy.OH Blues Traveler - 6/30 Kokomo,IN Grand Funk Railroad - 7/1 Kokomo,IN Ghost - 7/13 Indianapolis,IN Roger Waters - 7/20 Columbus,OH Deep Purple & Alice Cooper - 8/30 Noblesville,IN Yes (featuring Anderson,Rabin & Wakeman) 9/12 Kettering,OH
  5. Kiss - August 22 Dayton,OH (replaces AC/DC) Added Ace Frehley - August 27th Indianapolis,IN
  6. Kiss - August 22 Dayton,OH (replaces AC/DC)
  7. SUCKIN ON HIS PIPE Starting at the instrumental break it's simply breathtaking but the lyrics are astonishing Sadly the last DT that really excited me , I don't mind the lyrics ...hell I like Kiss.
  8. Well I hope he keeps some hearing , as for other singers ...no thanks already put in for my refund. Hell it took me years to warm up to him as the singer.
  9. So far. AC/DC - March 23 Columbus,OH Ghost - May 19 Indianapolis,IN Boston - May 25 Huber Heights,OH Sting & Peter Gabriel - June 21 Columbus,OH (opening night) Black Sabbath with Rival Sons - September 2 Noblesville,IN
  10. According to his Facebook Portnoy confirmed he was at their show. RIP
  11. I'll be there opening night in Columbus. Big Gabriel fan. Big Police fan. Sting not so much.
  12. Congrats to Ghost for winning a Grammy !! :clap:
  13. New Megadeth New Dream Theater Pre ordered the new Ace Frehley.
  14. Toys in the Attic Rocks Aerosmith Get Your Wings Rock in a Hard Place Night in the Ruts Draw the Line And I would put Done With Mirrors below these and anything else they've done or will ever do. :boo hiss:
  15. Ordered mine from Amazon , they did have it with autozip.
  16. Got my ticket for Indy ! :haz:
  17. Bought my ticket today ...only 10 more months ! :dweez:
  18. I ove me some Queensryche but Queen is one of the greatest ever. :finbar:
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